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  • bigdo

    Ahahahaha, wow… everyone was ready to put Cav out to pasture after he lost that sprint in the British Nat’l’s to Adam Blythe… then he comes out and beats Sagan and Kittel in the opening TDF stage…

    • Steel

      Awesome display. So strange that he was written off, when he’s still in the top 3 sprinters in the world. He might lack greipel and kittels outright top speed, but he can still win from the right place at the right time.

  • toffee

    well done to Cav…. hope he goes home after a few days and prepares for the Olympics,,, job complete for Dimension

  • toffee

    not may people get to use Sagan as a lead out

  • Anto, NZ

    I think that Cav is better in these messy, no lead out train, finishes, I’m thinking of his TdF with Sky when he had to wheel hop his way to the win.

  • Dave

    hey your terrible video calls Alex Howes a briton

  • Berne Shaw

    Great tactics and jump to top end by Cav! That said, watch for Sagan to improve as a pure sprinter. He is very strong and has good top end power. Once he learns more tactics he could be right there.

  • Douglas Ferguson

    Why do the highlights videos for the tour have to be so terrible? And who’s idea was it to show the stage finish at the start of the video rather than the end? Infuriates me every year.


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