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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • lefthandside

    Froome should get his €200 fine money back

    • jeffoffline

      I’m thinking some golden gloves to go with the yellow jersey

  • draper

    Can anyone tell me why the fans were booing? They were also booing when he was running up the road after the chaos. Is the same reason as last tour?

    • Dave

      I wasn’t sure I heard booing on the road but the wait of well over an hour would have been the reason for the booing at the presentations.

      They should have just presented Yates with the yellow jersey on the provisional results and dealt with the protest afterwards – like they did after last Friday with Alaphilippe and Yates.

    • Dan

      if i was there.. booing at the accident would have been because the @#$@#@#$ motos caused yet another accident… how many more riders have to die at the hands of motos before tehy finally do something about them?

      if i saw froome running up the road without his bike id have been booing because i know its not legal to run without carrying your bike and thus classified as cheating (but i guess team sky are used to that… harhar)

      the booing at the finish was apparently because originally they put up the provisional results after the stage that showed a new
      yellow jersey leader, then changed it to froome after people seeing froome not coming into the finish until way after the rest.

  • Ashley Burgess

    Aru is sitting in the team bus hoping the jury is too busy to remember he cheated earlier in the stage

    • De Mac

      If the Commissaire wasn’t right there, would there have been a similar incident to his teammate’s in last year’s Vuelta???

    • Roger That

      There are sticky bottles and in Aru’s case there are extra-super-sticky, long lasting adhesive bottles.

      • 900Aero

        Did he grab the Mavic Moto like Quintana did when he passed the Froome/Porte/Mollema accident? Google it – the video is pretty clear.

  • Looks like Chris will be wearing MTB Shoes until Paris , after the series of misadventures brought on the Main Contenders by the POOR planning of the ASO wizards !

  • Berne Shaw

    The reason the crowd boos is that several former French dopers are now commentators on French TV and allege conspiratorial theories about Froome and incite hatred and violence towards him as a scapegoat for why the French racers cannot win the tour. This is a direct link to the crowd behavior.

    It is possible if this continues to see the crowd actually attack Froome and hurt him. ASO must attempt to have the civil authorities ban hate speech by these commentators. Hate speech is not allowed under freedom of the press in France.

    And there must be crowd control for the last 3K and further separation ahead and behind by the motor. When watching the break go I knew this could happen. You could see the narrow path and the refusal of the crowd to back off.

    • lowlander

      Would love to see an article going into detail on the commentators’ comments.

      • Steve S

        that’s a great idea

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

      Dont like the race as it is = stay at home. Its just race situations, that is how cycling is and always have been. Unfortunately anglo-saxons dont get it and wants to control every litle part in order to make it a power/weight ratio competition and eliminate all other variables.. But i guess that the anglo-saxon cycling tradition is just not that mature.

      • Dan

        no its not an anglo-saxon thing its just a spectator/armchair critic/uneducated thing. personally id love to see the race go back to its roots and remove all the electronic aids from the race. its become too sterile already because almost every peddle stroke is controlled electronically now (race radio giving orders/info, watt meters telling people the perfect pace to ride etc). there is no personal decision making and no heart in it, its just who ever’s stats are the best.

      • H20

        So, Mr Racist, if Quintana had a 30 second lead with 100m to go on the last significant stage, and a fan grabbed him and held him back for 2 minutes, you’d be quite OK with that?

        I presume you’d be delighted if people attacked during nature breaks too?

    • tylerkay

      Wtf are you taking about? There is no hate speech from French TV, and there is no incitation of any kind of violence. Do not believe everything they tell you. This is exactly the opposite, French TV is extremely kind (too, imo) with the British (like yesterday with Froome attack or today with accident and whistles on podium). Do you speak French? Do you understand what Laurent Jalabert and co really says? Few years ago, Laurent Jalabert says Froome results are surprising (“comparing to Froome, others looks like cadets”). No more, and Froome do the rest. Not a word since.

      Never read or listen that Froome is the reason why French racers cannot win the tour. Sports media in France are very very careful and kind, comparing to other countries… like UK, for example (no insults, for example).

      Crowd behavior is a direct link to doping history of cycling, and Froome style (on a bike and how he race).

      And most of the crowd doesn’t come from France.

      • Dave

        Worth pointing out that Mont Ventoux is a favourite stage for British fans to attend en masse.

    • What hate speech? I watched the whole thing from my lounge room here in France and there was no hate speech about Froome. Jalabert was asked an inane question about whether you needed to carry a bike across the finish line to be recorded as having finished the race and he talked about a couple of times in his own career when he had to do that. There was nothing hateful in the commentary.

      The most likely reason for the booing was that French TV put up provisional results early after the stage that showed a new yellow jersey then – after a very long period – they presented the jersey to Froome. The spectators at the finish line who had seen the end of the stage, seen the provisional results, and then seen Froome awarded the jersey despite coming in well behind Yates and others just booed him and (IMHO) the people responsible for making the decision and communicating barely their reasons for doing so.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    If you ain’t first you’re last, eh Froomey?


  • H.E. Pennypacker

    For the record, I have never been a big Chris Froome fan. The robotic-spider-mounting-a-lightbulb thing (and the rigid personality that seemed to go with it) always irked me. No longer. The man attacked on a descent like he had lost his mind, then went clear on a windy sprint stage with Peter Sagan to gain time, then pulled a Ricky Bobby and tried to run up Mont Ventoux with his broken bike. This guy’s growing on me…

    • Chucky Beans

      Completely agree. After the downhill attack, my sentiments changed toward him. But the ride yesterday with Sagan was amazing. Just fun as hell to watch.

    • dsd74

      His rivals should be happy there aren’t any cobbles in this year’s race, the way he’s racing, he’d be attacking there too!

    • jeffoffline

      totally agree… in the past i couldn’t stand his robotic style of riding and was never a fan. Then he attacked on that descent and I was thinking… damn… that was an awesome move… then he made the move to join Sagan and traded pulls trying to gain time on everyone else… i’m rooting for him from here on out.

    • BRK

      Agreed. I was “Froomey neutral”, but credit where credit is due, Froomey has done a lot to make this TDF great to watch. I hope he wins… unless Porte wins… then I hope Froomey comes second :)

    • James Belford

      Same. The man is a warrior. Proved that on live TV.. The instinct to start running was hilarious and inspirational. Was hoping he could run back past Quintana sans bike and in cleats.

  • lefthandside

    I heard the moto driver stopped because he saw a pokemon in the middle of the road

    • Dave

      But was disappointed when it turned out to be just an ugly POC helmet dropped by a mad Cannondale fan.

      • lefthandside

        Ugh, hopefully noone gets a photo of those tt helmets today so I don’t have to look at any of them

  • Ghisallo

    This wouldn’t have happened if Benard Hinault had been present.

  • norm

    The title image says it all. Have a look at the fan on the right hand side and what he/she is holding. It appears to be plastic but imagine if it was real

    • Nitro

      Agree 100%

      Riding through a crazy crowd like that looks frightening on TV, but must be terrifying in real life – and they’re the fans of the sport.

      One bad guy up there and things could turn ugly incredibly fast in a manner far more important than any result on the field of sport.

      Thoughts and prayers go out to the French after this happened just a few hours ago. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-15/vehicle-crashes-into-crowd-in-nice/7631392

    • Dan

      meh its obviously plastic, dont be such a drama queen wowser. they are obviously just Pantani (the pirate, in case you have been living on mars for the last couple of decades) fans given the outfits, they are standing still, not running along and back from the riders. i see absolutely nothing wrong with this in the slightest.

      what you did miss maybe accidental or maybe because its become “normal” to you now was the narcissistic arsehole on the left running along with the fucking selfie stick, other spectators need to get involved in this action and snap those fucking things any time they see a spectator with one… and a quick tackle if you see some dumbarse running up a road like this and throw the moron to the ground behind the crowd and beat them to death (ok, maybe thats taking things slightly too far… but it angers me that much to see it)

  • Superpilot

    So, I will say what no one else will. Why were there no barriers in the last km? The stage plan changed a day out, and the race management decided not to organise barriers? Blame the fans all you want, but basic psychology and the herd mentality should have indicated that the cattle would still need to be herded away from the field of play so near the finish. No media will ask this question for fear of having their press pass revoked?

    • Daniel

      They apparently couldn’t move them down the hill. Attempts were made but due to the wind when they tried to pick them up they were getting blown away.

      • jms

        French public holiday, more than likely the barricade contractors simply had the day off.

    • Dan

      you really think condensing 20km worth of fans into 12km worth of space was ever going to work?

      if you had camped out a good spot for a week within the first 12km would you have given it up your position because of the fans from higher up coming down to watch?

      if you camped out at the top and found out the race wasnt going past you any more would you have just gone home?

      do you think they could have physically put barriers up the day of the race and have them stay there with that number of fans crowding the sidelines?

      nup, me either.

      sadly this is just the wonderful circus that is the tour de france… as much as no one liked the result it is this grittiness that makes the race THE tour..

  • Luke Bartlett

    I recall an interview with a Sky mechanic about his Pinarello XLight or whatever. It was his only one on tour, he didn’t want to use it on flat stages due to fear of it being damaged. Now look at it.

  • Connor

    . Seriously tho’, Chris is earning every second and every plaudit in this TdF. Who knows, even the French may start to embrace him as a result? …he certainly can’t do any more….he’s still respectful and ok, he still looks like a ‘frog on a skateboard’ BUT between that descent, the green-yellow break and now this ‘run Forrest, run’ moment – when quite frankly 90% of other pros would be either standing in bewilderment or throwing toys out of a pram – and he just got on with it. And let’s not forget this was AFTER dropping Nairo on a Mt Ventoux climb. I was a part-fan before….I’m now a true fan of the Froominator….BRING THE NOISE!

  • martin

    What was that Malka fan doing in front of the camera? He was lucky not to be within reach of Froomey’s left hook

  • Deryck Walker

    This is f##ked. I dont care what people think about traditions for open crowd access, things arent the same as they were 30 or 40 years ago, if anything crowd numbers are only going to get bigger. Its only a matter of time until there is serious injury (both for cyclist and spectators). Cordon off the final 3kms of every single mountain finish. Its not fair on the riders.

  • markpa

    Even if there were issues with no barriers & greater fan no.s on less road you can still view the race from roadside without getting in way of riders and motor bikes.
    The 1% are becoming as big a pain in the arse as those with 1% patches.

  • Jan de Boer

    So the organisation took the time that was taken at 1200m from the finish Line: Froom gets the time of Mollema and Quintana gets the time of Valverde while he wasn’t effected by the incident and came in later then Valverde at the finish? What a total bs. Mollema is being the measurepoint? Mollema came in later being effected by the motor? What if Mollema and Yates also came across the finish with Froome? Why not give the ahead time that Froome, Porte and Mollema had towards the group Quintana/Yates at the time they hit the motor. This story smells very fishy.

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017