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  • bigdo

    damn, lol, this man Froomey punched the shit outta that fan… Can’t say I blame him.. when people get too close and you’re laboring like that and they nearly cause you to go down.. man it could mean the difference between finishing the TDF and not finishing.. Either way, great to see Froomey take the stage..

    • Neal Rogers

      100% with you there

      • winkybiker

        Yep, these idiot fans need some stern treatment. Wonderful stage win by Froome. Something different. Epic fail by the BMCs to not chase him down. Froome’s not been a favourite of mine (mainly due to the ungainly style), but he always handles himself with class. I’m warming to him.

        • bigdo

          whoa, whoa, whoa… I didn’t get all authoritarian and say “idiot fans need stern treatment”… nope, I don’t agree with that.. I just think in this particular situation, shit, Froome did what he felt he had to, and because I know that man’s character to be so utterly high (he is literally one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever hear or see in cycling) I understand that he did what he had to do and he had no choice..

          • winkybiker

            I don’t think you’re actually disagreeing with me. Frome’s reaction was appropriate. But I’d still call it “stern”, in that it wasn’t a polite request to “perhaps give me some more room…there’s a good chap…”.

    • Nitro

      You could tell that this was going to to happen at some point in time – and likely it’ll happen – again – lots

      One of the amazing things about the Tour – and other stage races – is how close the fans can get to the stars. Watch F1 and you’re watching from behind multiple barriers (and for good reason). Watch athletics and you’re in the stands. Watch soccer and rugby and you’re (funnily enough) not allowed on the pitch.

      Go see a Grand Tour live though, and you are allowed on the pitch – or to look it another way, the riders are riding in the stands – right through the middle of the thousands of fans..

      The vast majority will (I hope) be respectful. Excited. Passionate. Supportive. But respectful.

      Unfortunately – as seems to be a constant in life – there will always be the few that – either intentionally or by accident – mess it up for the masses.

      Froome punching a spectator – Clearly not cool, and not something he wanted to do…

      … but Froome – who’s built his who year (whole life?) around this event – to potentially get knocked off his bike / get injured / be out of the race – who can blame him for being a little protective of his personal space…

      I’ve never hit anyone, but if someone did that to me, I’d have done the same… Good on him for taking a swipe…

      • bigdo

        Right, I wasn’t in anyway trying to shame Froomey for his reaction… I understand 100% why he did it, that fan just was way too caught up in being at le Tour and on TV and was way too close and was about to totally nix Froome’s line. He made a knee jerk decision, that in hindsight, yeah, fuck.. hitting someone is never really ever needed, but in this case, it’s understandable if you ride and if you can wrap your head around what’s at stake for someone like Froome.

        I wish it hadn’t happened, but it did, and likely will again, because the things that make pro cycling great –like the fans being inches away from their fav. riders–will always be the way they are, and rightfully so in my opinion…

        • Deloris Hernandez

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  • velocite

    That descent by Froome was just extraordinary. What audacity. And that position, I hate it on a straight descent, and he was cornering. And pedalling. Wow. And even though it looked like a flowing kind of descent with good visibility, it was possible to come off, as demonstrated by..Tim Wellens was it?

    Looks like it’s turned out bad for Contador. Sad.

  • Abdu

    You’re spot on there Neal.

    I’ve always hated comparisons, it’s just a lazy way of describing something. Inevitably someone will try to compare Froome’s action with some other sport, but you just can’t. No other sport has fans this close, and the athletes so close to the edge. We all want the fans to be involved, and the mountain stages are ‘usually’ fine. 3 days of drunken Dutch fans hardly raises a ripple for instance, the riders get through unscathed.

    If the next punter who runs alongside a rider thinks he runs the risk of a short jab to the jaw, then good. 99.9% of fans are cool with that.

    Makes Froome look a bit edgey too. He needs that.

  • Shane Ingram

    Awesome move by Froome. I think the acceleration earlier to take the KOM points when Majka looked like he was asking permission to take them served as both the sucker punch to the peleton for the last descent while having the secondary benefit of bossing Tinkoff. While Froome/Sky’s move was brilliant, what the hell was BMC doing leaving the chase to Movistar until the last 3kms? It looks liked they seemed to believe it was Movistar’s job to chase. Do they have that little belief in their own chance of winning?


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