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  • bigdo

    that’s some pretty narly road rash… If I was a betting man I’d say he’ll give it a go tomorrow’s stage, but likely abandon…

    • Yeah, they were absolutely flying too. Very lucky.

      • bigdo

        yeah they were… Contador and his escort teammate there looked like they were essily doing close to 50km per hr taking that corner…

    • jules

      I have my doubts about Bertie but not his courage. If he can physically continue I’ll bet he will. Hard as nails

      • bigdo

        yeah…he’s crashed every year on the first day for the past few years, always seems to pull through… he’s a true champion…

    • erin_2503

      I’d be surprised if he abandoned, he’d give Chuck Norris tips on concrete. I can’t work out why the crash happened. Any hints? Was it speed + road surface and corner? It’s like his bike rejected the race.

      • Journey Man

        He stated he saw the central reservation too late. Being already near the limits of the tyre’s grip and then trying to turn harder as he saw the central reservation was probably enough for the front wheel to wash out. Could have been much worse.

      • bigdo

        I ran the replay back like three times… that front wheel or the tyre are to blame is my final conclusion.. his line was tight, but he was rolling fine…

        • Journey Man

          Not sure you can blame equipment. He tried to adjust his line mid corner when he saw the central reservation, as per his own account of the incident.

          • Sean Doyle

            There’s no blame of equipment. Just a statement on what appeared to have occured. Limits if tyre grip exceeded.

            • Journey Man

              “That front wheel or the tyre are to blame.”

          • bigdo

            I didn’t see an overwhelming correction in his steering…but at that speed and angle even the slightest slip can cause a face plant..

  • Journey Man

    He’s pretty lucky not to have caught his shoulder on the central reservation… That’s certainly going to smart tomorrow.

  • Ben Cooper

    That cover photo. Tommy V, always a dick.

    • Sean

      He’s looking fit.

  • Berne Shaw

    The riders are constantly being taken down by unexpected road furniture and medians like this one. It is likely they all thought the curve would allow them to use both sides of the road, but then the median was there making the radius close up on them, thus they over cooked it.

    One solution is to ban Race Radio for strategy but USE IT FOR SAFETY, telling racers BEFORE they get there of hazards like this one.

  • Sean Doyle

    Watching the amateur vision, this is the point where his wheel started sliding. Whether it be change of surface, corner of the white line or just pushing to hard on that line in the corner, he was the one that went down first. Shit happens. He a tough bugger so I dont imagine him giving up too easy if he’s hurt.


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