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  • Chris

    So happy for Cav. Loved to see he spent a good part of his post-win interview on Stage 1 talking about Qhubeka’s work. It seemed a lot more than just spouting the sponsor’s line. It’s also pretty funny to see the guy who now has the most TdF bunch sprint wins be the underdog.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I think way too much was made of him getting beaten by Blythe, if you look how both riders rode Cav clearly did too much work while AB was generally at the back of the bunch until it mattered. But, Cav winning is a great site, he might not be the out and out fastest but tactically he is on another level to Kittel and Griepel.

  • Berne Shaw

    Bernie Eisel is one of the worlds best super domestiques! He is a great racer tactician super disciplined and steadfastly loyal. And he has grit that hard to define mental toughness that is both flexible and determined. Cav is fortunate to have mates like him

    • bigdo

      Not to mention Renshaw is one of the best leadout men in cycling…


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