• jms

    one ugly bike

    • Lindafpatel1


  • Andrew O’Neill

    Very busy paint job…

  • Rob

    Love the shoes! Don’t mind the bike, the colours are really nice but the word decals feel cluttered. Still, nice to see something different in the peloton.

  • Dude pedalling

    That is awful. Trek and bontrager need to download some new fonts and maybe engage a graphics guy/gal

  • david__g

    Looks like an over eager first year design student was allowed to work on this. Fucking awful.

  • WillieTheWaiter

    Looks like an ugly tie I had in the 80’s

  • philipmcvey

    This is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, because this is ugly and tasteless in every direction. Horrible, dated typography that bears no resemblance to the Trek corporate identity, randomly splattered graphics that don’t relate to the man, his Swiss heritage or his career, and everything is so big and clunky. Surprising really, because their stock bikes are tastefully branded and Cancellara’s other special paint jobs have been pretty damn cool. The best hope is that he totals this one in a crash where he’s unscathed and can finish the tour on the regular red Madone.

  • Laurens

    24 and 26 sure remind me of my first bike in the 80’s, a Giant Peloton with then hip, now butt-ugly coloured triangles. Poor Spartacus.
    “Mapei-QuickStep, Fassa Bortolo, CSC, Saxo Bank, Leopard, Radioshack and Trek Factory Racing’s colours are all mashed up and thrown on the frame. Some are a little more distinct than others. Here’s looking at you Mapei” it says. To use an analogy: if you don’t have time to create a still-life of a table full of food, a picture of vomit won’t do the trick.

  • Andy B

    I cant see past the font

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