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  • Andy B

    Great insights, it sounds like the ideal descent to test out discs and exactly where they are most at home

    I just ordered a new road bike with discs, excited to ride it now

    Funnily enough my first thought looking at the bike was “I wonder if the test bikes came with that saddle or it’s what you chose” my last two new bikes have come standard with an arione.. After spending way too long hoping I would adjust I’ve found them terribly uncomfortable

    • Lindafpatel1


    • Thanks Andy. When I saw that a climb that steep was near where we were I knew I had to check it out! Was very steep! And yeah, I’m not a fan of the Arione, but I know others that are. One of the most personal and individual things about a bike I guess.

  • Robert

    Matt, your impressions of the Cannondale branded Carbon wheelset? At USD2000 difference between that and the Aksium equipped mechanical model they would want to be good, although would not hard to be better than the Aksiums which are pretty heavy and don’t really belong on a bike with that price tag.

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

      Wheelset looks like an OEM branded Stans Avion’s – they are getting pretty decent reviews.

      • Robert

        Looks a bit like it, but the Stans has traditional nipples so it is not the same wheelset. Looks the same as the Cannondale Hollowgrams fitted to the 2016 Black Synapse. Somebody will be knocking them out for Cannondale, but it won’t be Stans.

        • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

          Stan’s isn’t making rims themselevs, all their aluminum rims are developed/produced by Sun-Ringle (Hayes). The rims are using BST profile which indicates a Hayes deriviated product since they are the sole BST license.

  • Sean Coffey

    Great review and great bike. One thing….I feel that “the penalty for switching to a disc-equipped system is just 130g.” is a little misleading. That accounts for the weight of the frame/fork but the complete 56cm bike weight of 16.3lbs (7.4kg) is 2.5 pounds heavier than the SuperSix Evo HiMod with Di2. Ultegra v. DA level Di2 isn’t apples-to-apples but the ‘penalty for switching to a disc equipped system’ is closer to 2lbs of rotating weight.

    I’m not dissing discs…I’ve got two disc bikes of my own. But they’re heavier and it’s noticeable…that stopping power does not come for free.

  • Fc28

    Well that’s going to be a nightmare when you want to upgrade the wheels, with a through axle and quick release combination. Short of getting a set hand built, I can’t think there will be a wide variety of options.

    • Jan Friis Bentzen

      Hi, I am looking into this bike and it looks really nice. But I am concerned about the wheels. Will it be possible to get new wheels with a through axle and quick release combination. I don’t know that much about the tech, mostly just riding my bikes :)


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