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  • Michael Sproul

    Sexy win!

  • Asor.Rosa

    I think there’s one part of the timeline that’s kind of wrong. In the report you write: ”While chaos ensued with GC riders crashing, Bardet and his teammate, Mikaël Chérel, attacked off the front.”. As I recall, few GC riders had crashed when Chérel started descending ”à bloc”. Both Mollema and Froome crashed afterwards (Mollema probably as a consequence of his attempt to take Chérel’s wheel). Porte was delayed, but way earlier, and he was already on the brink of coming back. Morabito and Reichenbach being out of contention for top 10 I don’t think they have to be considered.

    My point being that Chérel’s aggressive descending can be seen as the trigger of the ”chaos that ensued” rather than its consequence. So the timeline needs an inversion, stating Chérel’s descending (+wet roads +new asphalt with a lot of paint etc.) which ends up stirring up the GC.

    Such a timeline is fairer as well. This was, in my opinion, the ballsiest move of this tour, a slam-dunk setup by Chérel and then brought home by Bardet, so it would deserve more credit in the narrative of the stage.

    That said, I guess the right tone will be found by cosmo on his recap!

  • James_Casper

    I think Froome should actually learn what the word ironic means, and when to use it – unless he was deliberately trying to crash earlier in the stage, and failed to do, and when he gave up trying to crash, he ended up doing do.

    Froome actually didn’t fall back on his 4 minute lead – he increased the margin.

  • Cameron Harris

    This year’s tour has been so *interesting*!


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