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  • Michael Sproul

    Damn, looks like TJvG arsehole has fell out again… I’m gutted for Porte, losing those 2 minutes early on has cost him. Team was very silly there!

    • TJ rode easy to conserve and support Richie in the next stage

    • jules

      from all accounts TJ has been a good sport about his role with Richie. I think they both know Richie is the leader at this Tour, probably knew it before TJ fell away.

  • gpop87

    That yellow skinsuit is a bit snug, eh?

    • Roger That

      Too much information due to overt snugness.

    • Jessy Vee

      Glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed. :S

  • Phillip Mercer

    I didn’t realize Jan Bakelants was a Frenchman. Given his profile says he’s Belgian I suspect neither does he… (The line about Tommy D passing him at the second checkpoint and the Frenchman was left shaking his head)

    • Neal Rogers

      Ah, right you are! Our mistake. It’s fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

    • Neal Rogers

      Ah, right you are! Our mistake. It’s fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Nitro

    OK, I admit it – I’ve sat on the couch before watching the Tv thinking “I could do that – doesn’t look like they’re going that fast”

    34 kph average on an uphill time trial – that’s insane. I consider myself well and truly put back in my place…

    Anyone have any average power numbers for those guys? Would love to know just how far behind mortal man would be…

    Now where’s my cheeseburger and that bowl of fries ?

    • jules

      their power numbers aren’t astronomical. they are much higher than mine, say, but it’s their weight that makes it so impressive.

  • Michael Hart

    love the commentary of the TdF video summary at t=2:40 “Froome smashed the competition a little harder today.”

  • draper

    The sun has affected quintana. Its too hot for him! All that altitude training in the hills in Bolivia in the relatively cooler climate – his body is not acclimatizing well. No wonder he wants the rain. He has the legs but doesn’t feel. I thought it was the sun since the last two days he has been suffering. Actually if you look at all the tours, he has suffered in the sun – not in the Giro where the weather on the hills is nice and chill.


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