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  • jules

    3 Alps stages is a lot of opportunity to shake up the GC. there’s every chance the race has a long way to go in settling final GC positions.

    • sket

      Those time gaps are relatively tiny heading into a ~45min uphill TT. With the cracks that surfaced yesterday, the top 10 could change very quickly.

      • jules

        yep. bodies are on their limits right now. any weaknesses will be exposed. Froome and Porte look really good at this point – but nothing’s for certain.

        also Yates looks fantastic.

  • velocite

    The TT aside, Richie Porte will need to mount a longer range attack than the one he did yesterday to gain the time he needs. But..can he do it? Can any of the GC contenders? It must be a difficult decision for a rider to make, how hard can I go, how soon, without coming to grief. Nobody is going to do an Andy Schleck with Sky controlling the peleton, and it doesn’t look like any other team is going to weaken Sky nearing a finish. Anyhow, here’s hoping that Richie builds on what he achieved yesterday- and that all those above him have an equalizing flat!

    And how sad it was to see van Garderen fail, and what a harsh spotlight to fail under.

    • philipmcvey

      I think Porte has a good shot at the podium. He looked like the only rider capable of matching Froome here and on Mt Ventoux. He can’t catch Froome without the gawky one suffering an accident or injury, but he can definitely aim for second or third. It helps that he knows Froome and the rest of the Sky riders so well I guess. There’s going to be some proper gaps opening tonight, and I’d say Richie will be on the positive side of that ledger. It’s a shame he punctured but would he have been allowed the same freedom if he hadn’t lost those minutes?

  • Stefan Eckardt

    Hopefully the fight for positions 2-5 will provide some entertainment. The battle for 1st surely has not. It seems like all the other teams are a notch below Sky; maybe they are in reality. For me it’s very disappointing to see such a disparity between one team vs. all the rest.
    If Quintana says Wednesday was just a bad day and his form his good, the guy better pony up and make a move. The clock is ticking….


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