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  • Congrats to the SKY Team ! Even the backroom people have excelled in every way ! Without the Mechanic Team , The Dietary experts and those attending the racers every whim , SKY would be on a par with most other teams ? Of course the budget has a lot to do with the level of expertise available , but even when the Team is only 6 strong at the smaller events , the same level of ” Marginal Gains ” is applied to that event !

    With the Olympics out of the way , it would be GOOD for Cycling for Chris to compete at the Vuelta , if only as 2nd string to cover any eventuality , as was proven with the Tinkoff team losing Alberto , due to the negligence of the course not being properly safeguarded !

    Time that TEAMS started to go their own way , rather than riding with the ” Leader ” , a procession of the main candidates , albeit with the odd spurt , is not the CHALLENGING Racing that the Public are going to fully Understand !

    As of Monday , 200 or so Pro Racers will be back on the Streets , TRAINING in the traffic ! How many of those that stood holding the placards of https://www.facebook.com/Vision-ZERO-Worldwide-540123632761709/ & https://www.facebook.com/Vision-Zero-innsbruck2018-243026189422262/ will be able to say that they had an INCIDENT FREE Ride in the traffic each day , let alone week ?

    With only DAYS until the Olympics , could it be possible for Vehicle drivers , to LIFT the FOOT , when they see a CYclist in front of them ?

    Most of the WorldWide Population will be spending HOURS in front of their TV sets in the next months , cheering on their Country’s Ahletes , YET as soon as they get behind the wheel , they think NOTHING of Bullying a Cyclist out of their road !

    That Cyclist in FRONT OF YOU , driver ( inconsiderate of others? ) might be the person that YOU WISH TO WIN A MEDAL FOR YOUR Country !

    ” WIGGO’s reward for Olympic Gold in 2012 , was a Hospital visit , courtesy of a Neighbour !



  • Daniellerramos1

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