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  • Andy B

    Great post, it certainly is a special place to ride
    probably made all the more special by some of the issues we face on roads in Australia

    Curious to know what you carried with you?
    Did you ride between cities or rely on public transport and base yourself from a specific hotel for the rides?

    • Rosemary Grogg

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    • Simone Giuliani

      In answer to the question of what she carried Monika has put together a nice blog post on her site with her full pack list: http://www.monikasattler.com/2016/05/ultralight-backpack-cycling-adventure.html

      • Andy B


        • Monika

          Hi Andy, to answer the second part of your question, I never stayed in a hotel twice. I rode from sunrise to sunset and decided on the spot where to stay that evening. The best way to find accommodation is through the office du tourisme in town. Feel free to ask any further questions.

  • Zuzanna Ciszewska

    Monika this is a great article. I felt similar doubt when i started riding on my own long dustabce and that was just in the UK! Now that i am comfortable with riding far I am thinking about cycli g drom London to warsaw ;) lets see if it happens

    • Monika

      Zuzanna, great to hear that you enjoyed the article. Good luck with your London-Warsaw trip! Sounds like a great adventure!

      • Zuzanna Ciszewska

        Thank you Monika! If it happens it will be a part of my bigger challenge for the year… If youd like to have a look you can read a bit here:
        Cant wait to read more of your articles!

  • Spider

    Monika, next time you’re buying bib shorts for your travels…try some Q36.5…really durable shorts but the part that would assist you is the drying time – they easily dry overnight without any heaters/hair dryers/air conditions etc

  • winkybiker

    Great packing discipline (read your blog). Light is right. Such a contrast to the four full-size panniers, top-rack bag, big handlebar bag and big seatpack that we saw on here a while back. (Admittedly, you’re not camping)

    Solo bike touring is good for the soul. Few of us do enough of it. Seeing a country by bike is just the best way to do it.

  • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

    Can only recomend cycling france alone – did it in provence in 2010 (nice – route napoleon – ventoux – avignon – marseille), Massife-Centrale in 2012 (Marseille – Cervennes – Puy de dome – Lyon), Provence+Massife-Centrale in 2013 (Nice – Verdun – ventoux – ardeche – le puy – cantal – auriliac) – and The Pyranees in 2014 ( Montpellier – Andora – Tourmalet (etc) – Pamplona – Bilbao).

    France is an easy place to travel allone by bike because everything is ‘standartized’ by law/tradition – road signes and even facilities and layout of villages and tows are similar, trains are everywhere. Basicly, you know what to expect, traffic is safe and Hotels are bike friendly. Just stay away from metropolitan areas and route national. And if you want company on your rides – you can always find somone to join for at part og the day,

  • Chris Kinnaird

    Always good to read about cycling for mere mortals in Europe and you do it very well! I was based in Bormio, Italy for a week in the second half of May this year and on one morning I was having trouble navigating my way down to the start of the Mortirolo. A rider looking a lot like you came by on her way south, and noticing that I was an Aussie, she stopped and then went out of her way to guide me the next 6-8km to the start of the climb. If it was you Monika I just want to say thank you again for being so helpful and generous with your time and energy. And if it wasn’t, then thanks for your article!


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