How the Week Was Won: 2016 Tour de France, Stages 10-16

Each week during the Tour de France we’ll be bringing to you Cyclocosm’s unique take on “how the week was won.”

In this second installment of the series, Cosmo looks back on stages 10-16 of the Tour de France.

In Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won” series, you’ll see much more than simple race highlights. Cosmo Catalano picks up the details that nobody else sees, analyses the race situation and its progression, and wraps it in his own brand of humour and razor sharp wit. We hope you enjoy it.

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Rights to footage used in this video has been purchased from ASO.

  • MattHurst

    Love it, beautiful and unique snowflake, gold.

    • Shannon Walters

      <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!bc330p:….,….

  • I see Gerrans no longer the featured helmet user in the ad, eh?

    • Cameron Harris

      I think Adam Yates is still wearing a white version (to match his jersey) – I saw the distinctive rear vents (that look like a car grille) during stage 17 coverage.

  • MMRE

    Hey NBC Sports Gold, to elevate to an even more exotic metal package include Cosmo and his amazing analysis, on your video feed. Sometimes it is the words that matter more than the slick graphics.

  • James Belford

    Thanks Cosmo. Required viewing for any cycling fan. Sky are great and all but with great power comes a tendency to act like a dick. The Gerrans situation and taking Romain’s points were examples.

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