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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017

How the Week Was Won: 2016 Tour de France, Stages 17-21

In the final installment of the series, Cyclocosm brings us his unique take on the final stages of the Tour de France and how the race played out.

It’s been an entertaining month of the 2016 Tour de France and we hope Cyclocosm’s videos add value to the overall race analysis that you won’t see anywhere else. We’d like to give our appreciation and gratitude to Scott Bikes for continuing their support in bringing Cosmo’s work to you (yes, these actually cost money to produce).

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Rights to footage used in this video has been purchased from ASO.

  • Léon van Berlo

    Are you sure that is Mollema at 2.25?
    And are you sure Dimension Data is riding for Bryan Coquard at 5.04?

    • As long as there are absolutely no follow-up questions, yes.

  • Jay F.

    wait… can you elaborate on why you dont trust all the timing numbers out of the tour?

    • Jay F.

      Also agree that this years tour was pretty flat

    • I trust the numbers in the final result, more or less. It’s the mid-race updates that I don’t have a lot of faith in—if you look at the bottom of the screen (which is spot-shadowed, albeit faintly) the time/placement figures jump from 2nd to 100-something during the video.

  • VCO

    What’s the problem with Bardet not waiting for Froome after his crash? If I remember correctly, Bardet followed Cherel’s attack on the beginning of Domancy descent, way BEFORE Froome’s crash… To my mind, the winning move here is the fast descent, it’s a risk taking move, and it paid. The other riders of the yellow jersey group didn’t seemed to wait for Froome when he crashed, as he had to make the effort with his teammates to catch up with the end of the group at the end of the descent, do you condamn them as well? In my opinion, Bardet second place is not a “given opportunity” as you state, but a well earned race event. You complain about GC guys not fighting for the podium, and when one is finally making a move, you seem to take it with disdain, or at least doubt.

    • yetanothergreenworld

      Yeah, CC does seem a bit dismissive of Bardet. I don’t understand the skepticism regarding his attack on Stage 19; the attack was part of the chaos in which Froome’s crash occurred, not simply an attempt to capitalize upon the crash. Froome and Sky were in another league, but RB definitely earned his advantage over Quintana, Yates, and the rest.

    • I actually say he took initiative, if I remember correctly. I generally
      think waiting for the yellow jersey is kinda dumb—see my issues with treating
      the race leader like a beautiful and unique snowflake in the previous
      video. But I can definitely see in hindsight how ambiguous that sounds.

      I had actually considered saying that I was _hoping_ Bardet had heard and didn’t care but then I was worried that sounded too insensitive.

      • lowlander

        “I had actually considered saying that I was _hoping_ Bardet had heard and didn’t care”

        I like that better! Fair move by Bardet. The race had turned into a chaotic s#!t show for everyone, not just Froome. Bardet took his risks and it paid off… he was after other riders, not so much Froome.

  • common sense

    music to my ears! “the best racing of the year will continue to be in April, even as the sports biggest stage remains in July”

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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017