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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017

How the Week Was Won: 2016 Tour de France, Stages 6-9

Each week during the Tour de France we’ll be bringing to you Cyclocosm’s unique take on ‘how the week was won’. In this second installment of the series, Cosmo looks back on stages 6-9 of the Tour de France.

In Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won” series, you’ll see much more than simple race highlights. Cosmo Catalano picks up the details that nobody else sees, analyses the race situation and its progression, and wraps it in his own brand of humour and razor sharp wit. We hope you enjoy it.

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Rights to footage used in this video has been purchased from ASO.

  • Pulling for Nairo this year. I’d like to see him get his win. Hoping his conservative first week playing will yield good results in the final week. I approve your first week winner!

  • Nitro

    Awesome video – as always

    We need a behind the scenes video sometime – need to know exactly how many times Cosmo watches Tour Stages in order for him to notice the stuff that he notices / the nuances the rest of us miss

  • Laurens

    (I love how they used Belgian commentator Michel Wuyts in the Gerrans-Scott helmet ad!)
    I never watched Cosmo’s work before these Tour videos. I always thought: six minutes to hear somebody talk about a race I watched myself, nah…
    But I now know I was selling myself short, he is witty and spots things I never saw, good work!

  • Luke Bartlett

    What about BMC. Masterstroke for GVA to be in yellow => no work pace setting when he got into break the next day, no work pace setting when your yello jersey is off the back. They’ve had to do nothing and have had the yellow jersey and a stage win, and have two guys going well on GC (for the week)

    • MattHurst

      Except for the fact they left Porte alone, he got a flat and lost 2 minutes (no help from mavic neutral service…..ala Evans). Very ordinary.

      • Luke Bartlett

        yeh, i was more being crafty and leaning toward ‘week 2’ :)

        that was fucking terrible. i hope this is motive to ride for himself.

        • Doris Torres

          <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!bw859p:….,.

    • hornk

      Yeah getting GVA into yellow was not a bad move. Except as MattHurst points out they paid for an earlier attempt by spending all their riders trying to get GVA a win on stage 2, thus isolating Porte when he flatted. Not sure a day or two of rest (when sky was always going to step up and do the work anyway) compensates.

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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017