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  • bigdo

    Sagan has just simply arrived… He’s always there on the flatter or rolling stages…if he doesn’t win he’s 2nd or 3rd… Absolutely amazing rider and no longer can he just be called merely a “great bike handler” or “daredevil descender”. He is an elite sprinter and all rounder now…

    • Joann Hobbs

      <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!be987p:….,…

  • gpop87

    I guess Oleg has to cough up some money to continue the team now.

    • bigdo

      I thought he was still posturing as though he was shutting things down at the end of the season.

  • Daniel

    I realise the TDU dont like the words appearance money after Lance but, its probably time for a re-think.

  • Pete

    Kristoff mis-judged the finish line and threw his bike too late. Probably would have won if he got the timing right!

  • Nick Clark

    I’m curious what EQS were thinking sending Alaphilippe up the road with Martin. I would’ve thought a finish like this would have suited him anyway…

  • Patrick Murphy

    Amateur hour from Kristoff, should have one that by a bike length.


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