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  • James_Casper


    That was one very anti-climatic day of racing: as far as GC goes.

    Thank goodness the Giro produces a great GT; and the Vuelta more often than not.

    The TdF (from a GC perspective) is becoming more and more lame.

    Congrats to Froome – super ride. Let’s hope some one else can raise their game and make things a little bit more interesting next year.

    • If you look back over the past 15 years you’ll only find a handful of thrilling GC battles at the TdF. Even if that’s the case with this edition, I’ve still enjoyed it for everything else that’s happened.

  • Turbo

    I hope Richie is given outright GC leader for BMC. Interesting to see where he would’ve ended with a few more resources around him at key moments.

  • winkybiker

    Why were those two guys leaning out to video Izaguirre with potatoes? Turn your phone sideways, people. Seriously.


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