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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
  • JJR7777

    Where was a team mate with a wheel?

    • binotto

      Or a bike swap?

      • Dave

        They were all off the back, after the work they did chasing down the break for Greg van Avermaet.

        GVA is quite a popular rider who the others like working for. Porte, on the other hand, does not have the ability to motivate other riders to work for him when they don’t feel like it – we saw it at the Giro last year when the Sky guys mysteriously vanished as soon as Porte had a puncture, and at the TDU this year when the others worked for Dennis until he lost time before cruising in the pack for the rest of the race.

        A team with two co-leaders working for different aims (i.e. Contador and Sagan) can work well if they have a plan for how to do it and if the stage/points hunter never needs more than one or two teammates working for them. A team with a messy division between three different co-leaders cannot work.

        • jules

          you’re right. they were working for GVA. at least they have his 8th place on the stage to celebrate.

          what a bunch of no-hopers.

        • rosscado

          True. GVA and TVG were the only BMC riders to finish ahead of Porte on the stage. The others must have all been off the back.

    • helenmjimenez


    • Hazy78

      Agree, BMC were a disgrace to not stop one or two riders. To see him cross the finish line alone showed that BMC aren’t going to support him no matter what TJ and the manager want to say, it’s clear they are talking out their a*#e.

  • jiris

    Porte proving once again he’s the greatest superdom to have ever lived on this planet.

    • Dave

      Only when it’s convenient for him. Can you ever remember him handing over a wheel or a bike for Wiggins or Froome?

      It helps to have a balance in the black when you go to make a withdrawal.

      • Tim Ashton

        I think Porte’s bike might just be a fraction small for Wiggins or Froome…..

        • jules

          is he riding on 650c wheels? ;)

      • Abdu

        Are you fogetting his huge amount of effort for both those guys? He was a major part in both their wins. Unless you’re on their training rides, or track every race of his, you can’t make that call. I also don’t agree with the idea you have to be mates with everyone on the team, case in point Cadel. The DS needs to be aware where the riders are, and be telling them where to be. Just like Matt White did with Chaves and Hayman in La Vuelta.

        Poor team management by BMC.

      • jiris

        In all fairness, Porte would be the last guy on the team to give a wheel or a bike. Not because of his size, but because he’s the guy who can basically cross the line next to his leader on a mountain top finish when on a good day. Much more wise to lose a guy like Poels or Thomas in a bike/wheel change.
        But I do remember when he dropped to the team car to get some food for Froome on Alpe d’Huez. Now, I don’t think that he has what it takes to be a leader on GT. He seems to lose his focus really easily when bad luck get in his way.

  • Callum Dwyer

    You would think a GC leader would have sealant in tyres on flater stages.

    • jules

      sealant is nice for small punctures but won’t hold up when you split the tube open

  • Cam

    It’s a bit early to be throwing in the towel, a top 3 or 5 is still a realistic possibility. The top 5 was covered by nearly 10 minutes at the end of the race last year, so 1.45 while not ideal definitely isn’t the end of the world.

  • Treadlie rider

    BMC is a mess – They have a list of great riders, but crap DS and no one in management is steering the ship.
    They will never see big results until that changes.

  • Neil

    The neutral service guy on that change was a disgrace. Could not have been any slower.

    • jules

      he was telling Richie “you know I changed Cadel’s wheel at the Vuelta, nice guy Cadel but he wasn’t very gracious that day”

      • Neil

        Rofl. Brilliant

      • Rob

        “He kept muttering about his dog…”

      • Abdu


  • Wily_Quixote

    Would using road tubeless have saved him 1:45 and, potentially, the race?

    • Robert Merkel

      I doubt it.

      I gather that most riders are still using tubulars, not clinchers (despite evidence that the best clinchers, with latex tubes, actually have less rolling resistance than tubs). Don’t know whether he has any sealant in there, which may or may not have helped.

      • Sean Doyle

        They still use tubs because if it goes flat they can keep riding for a fair while and not risk the tire coming off like a flat clincher.

  • Rob

    Ah Richie, Richie. It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t let you get my hopes up again like this. It happened last time. And the time before that. You promised me the world and I’m left standing in the rain. I hope you find someone that can be there for you (to change your wheel). All the best.

    Australian cyclists.

    • Superpilot

      Just thank yourself you weren’t born American. Their next greatest thing since the worlds greatest fraud search must be equally tiresome..

  • Abdu

    So Quintana and Froome won’t lose any time over the next 20 stages?

  • This Porte guy is such a whinger, its not funny any more. Just go home, have a cry and let the others race.

    • Dale Smith

      I’ve noticed Richie says “to be honest” lots of times in interviews…which often means that if a person feels the need to say it they actually aren’t…but in Richie’s case I think he is, and I really like that about him. He seems pretty frank, and I reckon after all the blood, sweat and tears that go into preparing (and he looks well prepared) for the Tour then I for one would be disappointed if he trotted out a “gotta take the good with the bad, and we’ll take each day as it comes” sort of line. It shows a well balanced personality that can say things for what they are.
      He shows passion, and I hope he bounces back. C’mon Richie!!!

      • Thats not passion what he shows, thats just whinging. He had some bad luck for gods sake, its the second day of the tour, others crashed, he didn’t. He had a flat tire, lost some time so what? Get on your bloody bike and try to win it back. There are enough stages for him to do that. Its not rocket science, its riding your bike faster than the others. What does he expect his fans to say and think? Ooooh poor Richie, come home and you’ll get a cuddle? NO way, we want fighters, people who get back up, people who show passion for the sport and not riders who want to go home already because of a flat tire. Its a push bike, get on with it.

        • Dale Smith

          Well, let’s see what he does on the bike then.

    • Rupert the Super Bear

      Give the guy a break. He’s not one of my top heroes, but Richie doesn’t deserve this carp.

  • Adrian

    I didn’t stay up to watch this so just curious:
    1. Why was there no one with him?
    2. if he’s a protected rider is someone there with him but he tends to follow wheels and his own way (rather than staying with whoever is supposed to be there)?
    3. if they spent the whole team chasing the break for the stage win, what’s the point of having a protected GC rider? (If Tejay or Richie puncture 6km out on a sprint stage when its flat chat he has to wait for a service vehicle??)

    In relation to Abdu’s comment about the team and Cuddles, I think the role of George Hincapie shouldn’t be underestimated. Cadel isn’t, (without getting in to a sh*t fight) the sort of personality that blue collar blokes go in to the trenches for (I was struck at how Yaroslav Popovych was bought in to help Cuddles in the mountains, did sweet fa, then returned to his old team and there he is back being a domestique in the mountains again).

    BMC got George in as a lieutenant who made that happen for him. Respected by other riders, he bossed them into doing what needed to be done. (I think Cadel’s easily our best ever rider and clean so almost certainly robbed of some deserved victories.) I think Richie’s made of different stuff, but once is an accident, twice is suspicious. Three times and something more than luck and punctures is going on.

    • Dave

      The answer to 3) is that all the cool teams have them so we must too.

      It’s worth noting from the performances of Tinkoff and Movistar last night that it IS possible to protect one GC leader (those teams aren’t silly enough to try with two) and work for a stage win at the same time.

      Your point about the road captain is excellent. Even the teams with very popular leaders have them – e.g. Hayman marshals the troops at Orica even when the other guys don’t need any extra motivation to lay it on the line for Chaves.

  • zosim

    There’s nothing wrong with being the best GT super-domestique in the world who wins 1-week stage races regularly but I think that despite having ample evidence that he can’t do three weeks without going AWOL for a day or two, Porte is determined to become a GT contender. You only have to look at Quintana, Froome and Contador; even when their teams are gone, they’re able to make their own “luck” on a stage and still stick with the pack. Porte is in that second tier (sadly, for BMC, along with van Garderen) who could win a grand tour if other people blow up, crash or get sick rather than by beating them flat out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tactic that has worked and can definitely net them podium finishes in an average year but with the field so heavily stacked it could be a challenge this time.

    • jules

      a win’s a win. he isn’t (or wasn’t) the favorite, he knows that, but he’s not that far off. you have to try – some winners cruise through with class and talent, others fight for everything they get. if he fights hard enough he’ll win races – or more races. people wrote Cadel off too.

      • zosim

        I don’t think a grand tour win is from effort alone, it’s from ability, mental strength and luck. He SEEMS to lack the middle of the three which means the third one is also compromised. He’s one of the best one-week stage racers around without a doubt but even as Froome’s super-dom de luxe he was never up there in the same way Froome was when riding for Wiggins (which, IMO, is the current benchmark for super-dom ready to step up to GT winner in their own right)

        • jules

          we’ll see. you may be right. I’m not convinced though – the puncture was just pure bad luck. previously he’s gotten sick. neither of those are evidence of lacking mental strength. getting sick is a sign his body may not be up to the task – but there are ways around that (better preparation).

          I’ve not seen Porte do anything that screams “weak mind” at me. his initial reaction to the puncture and time loss yesterday wasn’t great, but give him time to digest it. he might bounce back.

          • Sean Doyle

            As jules said before, they wrote Cadel off for the same traits that richie is sometimes showing. richie has spent his whole time being no.2 in a team it sometimes takes a tour or two to get yourself figured out how to be a gt team leader. some guys figure it out quickly and others take time. i wouldn’t write him off yet and this may be the chance for him to find some grinter and make the podium.

  • roy chayot

    72,89,19,23,48 this Porte TDF record since 2011
    he cant be a team leader , should do what he best at be 2nd man for TVG

    • Stompin

      Sadly, I agree. In contrast TVG has had a couple of strong results at The Tour. Having said that – I’m not seeing TVG being able to do much this Tour. If history is anything to go by, TVG and Porte will be cooked by the start of the third week. I’d like to see either of them prove me wrong but this is looking like a contest between Quintana and Froome.

      • roy chayot

        past few years the tour was always about places 2-6 as the is known by the end of 1st week
        it least the views should be nice …


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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017