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  • Rob

    Nice one Jack, congrats.
    Reflecting on recent comments (eg. by Sagan) about the peloton being really risky in sprint finishes – do see that yourself? Are there alot of riders taking unnecessary risks in your opinion?

  • Rob

    Also, what’s your take on the race motorbike incidents? You ever had or seen an incident yourself?
    I’ve wondered how many incidents go unnoticed until terrible accidents happen like with Stig and Antoine.

    • Jack Haig

      Hi Rob,
      For sure the sprints are risky and everyone is pushing to hold position, but to tell you the truth I’m generally not up at the front boxing on so can’t really comment to much on it. I think also just as there is more and more road furniture now compared to the past it becomes more dangerous for a peloton going at 60kp/h+ trying to dodge things at the last second to hold position.

      On the motorbikes, I personally have never had a incident with one but i do sometime flinch or cringe when one comes flying by. Generally they are pretty good.

  • Bex

    Thanks Jack, really enjoyed hearing about the racing and the level the different races are at and how it feels battling it out. Always following your progress with interest on strava.

    • Jack Haig

      thanks Bex, glad you enjoy following along :)


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