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  • Vincent

    Nothing wrong with the result standing. Nothing wrong took place, the fastest man won and for once, we should celebrate that!

    • athousandmonkeys

      Nice to see at least someone knows what they’re talking about.

  • Kittle was already dying when Cav swerved to the right. Might have been able to take 4th place, but not win the sprint.

    • Elizabeth Ryan

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  • Mick Rock

    Kittel was well beaten, so he should just accept it. His histrionics were the worst part.

    • a different ben

      Fair shake of the sauce bottle – in the biggest race on the planet, metres from the finish, you can’t expect anyone to be all peace and love. I reckon it was completely understandable.

  • Ian Holt

    Absolutely nothing wrong with Cav’s sprint. Kittel had already lost the sprint and made it worse by changing his course into Cav’s back wheel. The strongest rider won and I don’t think you will find anyone who disagrees with that.

  • jiris

    Cav didnt sprint in a straight line. Rule says that a sprinter should sprint in a straight line. Therefore, Cavendish should have been relegated. The fact that Kittel was already beaten has nothing to do with that. Maybe he could have finish 2nd or 3rd if Cavendish didnt block him.
    Nizzolo was relegated for way less last Giro.

    • athousandmonkeys

      Bullshit. Kittel acted like a whiney little bitch when he knew he was beaten by Cav fair and square.

    • athousandmonkeys

      If you actually had a clue, you’d know that Kittel went off his line into Cav’s line just prior to that. Duh.

      You should probably stick to watching Le Tour for the scenery.

  • bigdo

    I watched the replay a few times…I actually think that Marcel has a semi-legit beef…

    That said…man..wow..the big story of this TDF aside from Froomey dominating has to be Cav’s resurgence…he looks absolutely incredible.

  • Sean Doyle

    Kittel was beaten but Cav did swerve quite a bit that Kittel had to react but they were both wandering around a bit. I’d be pissed too, more that I got beat than had to swerve, but result should stand. Next stage please!

  • Stefan Geisendorf

    Is the race jury blind or corrupt? The video shows clearly that Mark Cavendish crossed Kittel’s way and forced him to brake. The fact that he would have won anyway must not be an excuse for such a unfair attack.

    • athousandmonkeys

      YOU seriously thing YOU know better than the highly qualified/experience jury?!

      Get a fucking clue, wanker.

      Kittel acted like a whiney little bitch when he knew he was beaten by Cav fair and square.

      • Stefan Geisendorf

        People who insult others because they have no arguments should be banned.

        • athousandmonkeys

          You insult Mark Cavendish with your ignorant attack on his integrity, therefore by your ‘logic’ you “should be banned”.

          • Stefan Geisendorf

            I only asked a question and sticked to the facts (that what can be seen on the video). Fortunately, one extremely insulting comment has been deleted.

            • athousandmonkeys

              Nope. All you offered was an ignorant, uneducated attack based on opinion, NOT fact.

              Stick to watching Le Tour for the scenery. Hypocrite.

            • athousandmonkeys

              Kittel acted like a whiney little bitch when he knew he was beaten by Cav fair and square.

              It was the equivalent to ‘diving’ in soccer.

        • athousandmonkeys

          You, Stefan Geisendorf, should probably stick to watching Le Tour for the scenery. Duh.

          • Stefan Geisendorf

            Another clear foul by Mark Cavendish, this time in the point race of the Olympic Omnium competition, and again he has not been disqualified. Some officials really seem to protect this guy.

            • athousandmonkeys

              Wow, just WOW! You really can’t help yourself!

              Don’t you ever get tired of being WRONG?!

              Watch the replay, moron, then watch it again. And again. Duh.

              Watch Cav’s riding in relation to the blue line. When he looked back, the Korean cyclist was BELOW the blue line. Cav rode UP higher above the blue line, then back down to around where he was previously. The Korean cyclist rode UP from BELOW the blue line into Cav’s line, and THAT is why his wheel was clipped. Duh.

              Gold Medal winner Elia Viviani’s post-race comments:

              “No. It’s not his fault,” said Viviani, ”The Korean guy was halfway on his wheel to the right – normally you stay on the wheel. Cav was in the front and changed direction so it’s all normal. It’s a normal crash on the track.”

              • Stefan Geisendorf

                I hope for all people on the street that you don’t have a driving license.
                If you leave a lane, another road user occupies it and then you return without watching behind and crash into him, will you say “I have been on this lane previously“?

                • athousandmonkeys

                  This is track racing, you pathetically, embarrassingly ignorant gimp, which operates under a completely different set of rules.

                  According to the arbiters of those rules, experts on the subject, and the riders involved, Cav did nothing wrong. But by all means, keep desperately lying to yourself if that’s what it takes for you to cry yourself to sleep just a little less each night.

                  • Stefan Geisendorf

                    Read the rules!
                    3.2.122 and 3.2.041: “Before the last 200 metres line or the start of the final sprint, riders may avail themselves of the full width of the track but must nevertheless leave sufficient space for their opponent to pass and shall refrain from any manoeuvres that could provoke a collision, a fall or cause any rider to ride off the track.”

                    • athousandmonkeys

                      EXACTLY, you pathetically, embarrassingly ignorant gimp, according to THE RULES, Cav did NOTHING WRONG!!!!

                      Your piteously retarded interpretation of the rules is not my problem.


                    • Stefan Geisendorf

                      Your insults show that you are lacking of convincing arguments.

                    • athousandmonkeys

                      Such a predictably cowardly cop-out. You’ve got nothing.

                    • athousandmonkeys

                      Seriously, you petty, petulant little shitstain, don’t you EVER get tired of being WRONG?!?!?!?!?!

  • athousandmonkeys

    Kittel acted like a whiney little bitch when he knew he was beaten by Cav fair and square.

  • Owlaugen

    The Manx Sidewinder?

  • Eric

    If he wants to look like Cav 1.0 (immature complainer from a few years back), then he’s off to a good start.

    When Andrew Talansky was blatantly and unnecessarily hooked by a sprinter near a Stage finish, everyone rushed to the sprinter’s defense, despite the obvious foul. When confronted about rough-and-tumble play, sprinter types always say ‘rubbing is racing’. Sauce for the goose…

  • Maranello

    No question Kittel was beaten and I think he’d be the first to admit that. Problem is Cav fully swerved into Kittel’s path forcing Kittel to brake thereby losing several places. Cav is a beast and won that sprint fair and square but that’s not the issue. The sporting regulations state you must ride in a straight line as to which he clearly didn’t do and I’d venture to say he didn’t do intentionally as he knows good and well Kittel is a beast as well and feared he could still be a threat.
    This isn’t the first time Cav has done a move like this. I recently watched the documentary “Clean Spirit” about Kittel’s team from 2009 and in one of the stages Cavendick dropped a shoulder into Tom Veelers, one of Kittel’s teammates, during a sprint and caused a horrific accident. Cavendick is a great sprinter but he plays dirty and someone needs to give him a taste of his own medicine. If I was Veeler’s I would have punched his punk ass in the mouth. The guy is a great sprinter but he is cheesy, really freaking cheesy.


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