Left for dead

How a hit and run accident started a cycling brand

Founded by Matt Hawkins in 2014, the Ridge Supply story is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. The idea for the brand started after Matt was the victim of a hit and run whilst out riding his bike. Left for dead after being hit by a truck travelling over 90km/h (55mph) he concluded that his all black outfit may have played a part in the accident and resolved to do something about it.

“On September 15, 2014, I was on a training ride during my lunch break, when a pickup truck ran into me while it was traveling 55+mph. I was laying on the side of the road with multiple fractures in my pelvis and the driver fled the scene, leaving me for dead,” Matt said. “After playing back everything in my mind in the hospital, I realized that my visibility may have played a role in the pickup truck hitting me. I was wearing all black that day… it was high noon and I was on a one mile straight road… but what if? If I was going to get back out on the road and ride again, I resolved to do it with a great emphasis on High Visibility.”

Above: Matt Hawkins at the scene of his hit and run crash site.

Whilst recovering from a broken pelvis, Matt decided to do something unusual. He used the $800USD insurance reimbursement he had received to replace his shoes, helmet and kit to make a custom high-visibility sock instead.

“I had 144 pair of socks, and they were gone within two weeks… and before I realized what had happened, I had started a business doing what I love. Within 4 months, I had left my job in the corporate world, and changed my life to being 100% bikes 100% of the time.”

“I refuse to wear or produce products that don’t make the rider more visible, but doing so in a form that makes the rider proud to wear the socks or kit.”

Matt has been working with Phillip Robb of Cutaway USA since developing his very first pair of socks, acting as a sounding board initially and now as a collaborator producing all Ridge Supply kits.

“Ridge Supply Kits started as a way to bring my branding image to more than just my ankles… I see it as a major piece of the brand moving forward.”

We were inspired by Matt’s life-changing story, and are pleased to be sharing the brand’s Autumn Fade Jersey, Navy Bibs and Autumn socks exclusively to our audience, available for a limited time only.