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  • Scott Sissons

    I feel like this article could really benefit from some pictures.

    • Shannon Walters

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  • Dean Wette

    I just get a neoprene patch kit from Amazon for $10 and use that. Cut out a patch from the sheet and iron it on. Takes all of 10 minutes or so. Easy-peasy. I have patched two good L.G. bibs this way and cannot tell the difference from riding.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      How does it look though?

      • Dean Wette

        One pair I repaired I have an identical second pair. I have to look hard to be able to tell the difference. The other was more damaged, so I patched inside (large patch) and outside (smaller to finish) so you can see black patch on the gray bibs. But who cares? It works and is better than replacing a $180 set of bibs.

        Consider the visible patch a badge of honor. ;)

    • gttim

      I have used this exact same product on the legs of bib shorts, where a hole wore through from the shorts rubbing on a Velcro strap.You can’t see the patches when I am wearing them, and it saved the shorts. I did have to re-iron the patches after a few washes. I ended up going hotter with the iron than what the directions say.


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