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  • Travis George

    Excellent read, thanks. While Alison speaks of more race days, a good start would be SBS televising the race Australia wide. It was no good in Perth switching on to Thommo and Robbie saying the race was over, giving the results and not showing any of the race.

    • some1s_lucky

      agreed, poor form by SBS to advertise it was going to be televised in Perth only to have them lead with a slow mo of Hosking crossing the line.

  • George Darroch

    Cycling is a beautiful world of pain…

    And yes, this deserves proper television coverage, as does all women’s cycling.

  • Augsburg57

    Thanks for posting. My wife and I are avid cyclists and she had me up at 4:15 AM on the west coast of the US to watch the live stream of La Course. Glad we got up – a very exciting race. Hopefully someday the TV network will actually broadcast the race (in the US). We tried to learn more about the rider “taken to the hospital”, but the news coverage of La Course was anemic and we never found anything substantive out. Appreciate Ella and your article!


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