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  • Augsburg57

    My wife loves her trainer. She has a Wahoo Kickr Snap and it works great. She uses the app by Virtual Trainer on her iPad and selects rides in places like Paris. Her iPad uses bluetooth to connect to the trainer, her heart rate monitor and the speed and cadence sensors on her bike. With an adapter and an HDMI cable, she can share her iPad screen to an HDTV for life size viewing of her rides. She picked up an old music stand off craigslist to set her iPad on next to her bike. A small fan placed in front of the trainer gives her a breeze to keep cool.

  • Shane Scott

    one word Zwift!

    • Robert Merkel

      I hate to sound like a shill for a commercial product, but Zwift really does revolutionize the trainer experience.

      A two-and-a-half hour trainer session would have been unthinkable before, but I’m now doing just that on a weekly basis.

      • Nitro

        Ditto – this is not a paid commercial but…

        I travel a lot for work, and the longest I can last on a gym bike is about 30 mins – even with the distraction of music

        Knocked out 100k’s on Zwift and only got off because I needed to take the kids to sport. Mentally I was as fresh as when I got on… Physically however, I cannot confirm or deny that I may have been a bit of a mess…

    • duanegran

      Agreed. I was fairly disciplined to ride the trainer before but Zwift has made it so much better when it comes to long sessions.

      • Shane Scott

        The trainer is for me the only way I can keep up any level of fitness as 5 days a week I am working all the daylight hours.
        Add a family does not leave a whole lot of free time.

        Prior to Zwift 40 mins was the most I ever achieved on the trainer, hell I even got rollers to try and keep me interested.
        3 hours is the longest on Zwift and I average hour 20 to 40min 3 times a Week now.

        Its the competition knowing that others are sweating and hurting like me plus the graphic etc but mostly it because real people are doing what your doing.

        The indoor trainer is a looked forward to part of my day.

        Gee I do sound like a commercial…Nooooo funny when you talk to another cyclist who has not experienced Zwift you get blank stares…I sound like a born again non smoker to them maybe!

  • Mel

    When the indoor trainer is your only option 6months of the year its motivation enough!

  • CapeHorn

    Zwift is good
    TrainerRoad and(/or) Sufferfest is also good.

  • oakie

    I love my trainer…

    ‘There are no distractions, no coasting, no traffic lights and nowhere to hide’

    for all these reasons. Sport is as much about mental strength as it is about physical, and there is no better place to spend time than inside your own head. Set your self a hard target, and the achievement and confidence that comes with meeting it is worth a long time on the road.

  • PDidds

    Beach Road indoors: https://youtu.be/zSFYRiqodvU

  • Andy B

    Its funny how much this has changed in the last two years, I had swapped to a spin bike for indoor workouts as I liked the feel of it more than the terrible older trainers I had, After a change to a Kickr and some apps my strength and training has improved a lot, spin bike and old trainers are all gone and I actually enjoy it now.

    I recommend not overloading the training, personally a REALLY hard session on the trainer mentally turns me off from wanting to do it.
    Its hard to “grind” on a trainer.. probably depends on what mode your trainers on
    Counting down the hours til my next session.. although I do miss daylight savings and riding in the evening its a good way to maintain fitness through average winter weather

  • Sara Z

    I end up riding my bike on the trainer more often than I would like because of timing, weather, etc. I also lead indoor cycling classes twice a week. Having a plan for a structured workout instead of just wheeling it is essential. TheSufferfest is a perfect example of hard, structured workouts (that will increase your fitness) with video of actual races and the occasional word of ‘encouragement’, for entertainment. Watt meters aren’t necessary as the good people at TheSufferfest and Trainer Road have brought ‘virtual watts’ – Zwift says theirs is ‘coming soon’ – with a supported mag trainer. I also like to use video from YouTube of races. I just put together a class based on Mara Abbott’s amazing climb up Mortirolo using video with two Italian racers chatting away while they climb is somewhat distracting but that’s why there’s a mute button.

  • david__g

    Personally, getting a smart trainer (the Tacx vortex) and Trainer Road have made so much of a difference to me. Previously it was the literal worst thing ever and now I kinda dig it. The structure and the distraction of the screen so you can see how you’re doing is great.

    Also Zwift, of course, although I find I end up pushing way too hard when using that because I am too competitive (even though I’m slow).

  • Eleri

    Two and a half hours on a trainer is a long time, even if it is a virtually real experience. It certainly helps me to set up the bike the night before and decide to start at a particular time – I agree with those tips!

    But it does give me a more structured, “serious” workout than I get riding with others where I tend to ride at their pace, whatever that is. And as a club coach I do end up riding other people’s rides, not my own workout. Sometimes I hope it rains so I can ride the trainer!

  • CLS

    Zwift has certainly helped with indoor training. It’s never going to replace outdoor riding – it merely supplements it. I try to think of Zwift as something of a computer game. In that way it keeps me interested. Listening to good tunes or watching the “Svenness” videos on Vimeo also helps. I’ve managed 3+ hours of indoor riding doing this.

  • jules

    This is good advice. I tend to procrastinate about trainer sessions until I have no window left to procrastinate with. I wonder the pros struggle with that.

  • Jon Thornton

    I’ve got a Kickr and I use TrainerRoad. These tools have improved my pedalling a lot. I quickly discovered that the easiest way to survive threshold intervals was to relax and be smooth. My laziness taught me how to be efficient.

    Last year, my Kickr helped me achieve some cycling goals (Jam for Jamieson and Audax Alpine Ultimate). This year, my Kickr is helping me recover from a neck injury which has kept me off my bike for nine months.

    I’ve never tried Zwift. Can you do structured intervals using this software, or do you just scream around chasing down other riders?


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