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  • Nitro

    I’ve always been impressed with the way Cav conducts himself in interviews after a victory – Always thanks his team mates, always recognises the efforts that they put in to put him in position, and always says he’s happy for the team and the sponsors… Good sport…

    Awesome top photo for the article – Greipel, Cav and Sagan all smashing it – great stuff…

    • MattHurst

      I concur, well said

  • Paul Rosham

    Great to see Cav win again, certainly not “too old, too slow”. Smart racing and glad he has a cause to race for, not just a sponsor

    • slartiblartfast

      At 31 he certainly isn’t too old. Greipel is nearly three years older.

      • Superpilot

        It’s clear the track has done him some good

  • Dave

    Does anybody know which Orica rider it was who went straight on at the left-hander in the final?

    • Superpilot

      In the backstage pass Hayman said it was him.

  • velocite

    On board cameras add an interesting perspective, but I’d like to see a decent, continuous aerial shot of the last kilometre. There were glimpses of a frustrated Kittel in the very finale, but it would be good if you could see how that came about. It seems odd to me that a drone shot is not standard. It doesn’t even have to be live, although that would be best.

    • Cynthiarbricker1


    • Dave

      All sprint stages will have a full replay of the final from the helicopter shown on the world feed between the finish and the presentations. Sometimes SBS show it, sometimes they override the world feed with their talking heads.

      Drones are poor camera platforms, a camera on cables suspended about 8-10 metres above the barriers along one side of the finishing straight (as used for motorsport events) would be far better.


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