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Photo gallery: 2016 Tour de France Stage 4

Saumur to Limoges :: 237.5km

  • wayneoau

    Wow a Livestrong bracelet being worn by the KOM jersey?

    • From a story on Jasper Stuyven (the current KOM jersey holder) on the Trek-Segafredo series “Beyond the stripes”

      …”It’s a bit like the yellow Livestrong bracelet that he wears around his wrist. For Jasper, it has nothing to do with Lance Armstrong or whatever heritage he’s left, but all about the father of one of his best friends who died of cancer. When people ask Jasper about the bracelet he takes the time to explain what it means to him. If they don’t ask and potentially judge instead, he doesn’t care. It’s the same passive stubbornness he displayed when he was forced to switch schools (see part 1) and it’s one of the traits I like most about Jasper.”


      • wayneoau

        I can think of a few better ways for a cyclist to remember and honour victims of cancer.

  • bigdo

    great photos… so good… couple of potential new desktop photos in there…

  • Abdu

    What was the story behind Greipel pulling out of the sprint 100m before the end?


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