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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017

Photo gallery: 2016 Tour de France Stage 9

Vielha Val d'Aran to Andorre Arcalis:: 184.5km

  • Roger That

    Terrific shots. My wife is happy as the ‘George Clooney of cycling’ won the stage.

  • winkybiker

    At least the idiot runner in the green parachute was still wearing his helmet for when he tripped over his fat feet.

  • winkybiker

    Great shots. Epic weather. Great win for TD. Much, much less epic GC battle.

    • Bad weather always produces the greatest photos!

  • Abdu

    Thibor Pinot is the Richmond footy club of cycling. Talked up as a contendor, but fails miserably then is looking to make a late run to finish ninth.

    • claude cat

      You sir, win the internets today. Bravo.

      • Rosemary Grogg

        <<o. ?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:::::::!bw212p:….,…

    • Rupert the Super Bear

      You seem to have forgotten that any racing cyclist is worth 50 of the entire Premier Football League.

      Even 16 years old female racing cyclists are tougher than pro footballers. I can even prove it.

      You must be football fan – you can’t spell! It’s “Thibaut”, it’s also “contender”.

      • philipmcvey

        If you’re going to be pedantic, and rude, you should take a minute to check your own post before hitting ‘return’. First of all Richmond are not a premier league football club; they are an AFL club. You not only got the wrong league but you also got the wrong sport. Second; ‘you must be football fan’.. ever heard of the indefinite article? It’s “you must be ‘a’ football fan.” As for your hyperbolic claims about one pro cyclist being worth the equivalent of 11,000 footballers (20 teams x 11 players x 50 – I did your idiotic sums for you), you’re just making yourself look ignorant there. On the other hand you can ‘prove’ that one 16 year old female cyclist is tougher than a pro footballer. So go on.. prove it.

        • Rupert the Super Bear

          But I enjoy being rude!

          For a start I couldn’t care a toss if Richmond was AFL, NUM, CTC or subutteo. I have about as much interest in football as I do in Mrs Thatcher in her undies.

          Football is a prime target for my sarcasm because it’s become a sacred cow in our “culture”. Loved by millions…. oddly despised by millions too. Have you ever been shopping when one of the big matches is on? It’s wonderful, no bad drivers on the roads, no foul language in the supermarkets – it’s lovely.

          In 2011 a young Lucy Garner won the Junior World Road Championships in Copenhagen – I think she was 16 at the time, or just turned 17 – she’s only 5’2″ anyway. She crashed in the early stages of the race and cut her knee open. Her leg bleeding but her determination unfazed, she got back on her bike and chased back into the bunch. Eventually in the closing stages of the race she attacked and stayed away for some time. Caught with a few kms to go, she hid away back in the bunch – but in the last few hundred metres she sprinted clear to victory and became World Road Champion, beating the entire field by several lengths. At which point she started crying. I was quite moved myself. Now what is interesting about this is that any pro footballer worth his salt (lol) would have started crying as soon as he saw a bit of blood on his knee. Can you see the difference?

          Or perhaps her little sister Grace Garner? In June she rode something like 9 races in 12 days – and won 4 of them. She’s 18 years old and 5’1″. She completed 3 stages of the Tour of Britain – the youngest woman in the race – one stage was 90 miles in the pouring rain. Have a look at her Twitter account – not only is she a fantastic young athlete, she’s also a wonderful role model for all of us. She’s polite, intelligent – more importantly in sports terms, she’s courageous, determined and tenacious. Human qualities very much missing from our pathetic pro footballers who are typically thick, rude and cowardly. Can you see the difference?

          It’s easy you see – football is carp, little more than tribal nonsense for idiots. With so little going for it, nothing to really challenge the human spirit, we’re forced to watch pathetic displays of macho behaviour – like full grown men trying to look tough by spitting after running just 10 yards! But in fact the sport has become so emasculated that footballers start whimpering as soon as anybody comes within 6 inches. And then there’s the fans….. dear God where do these people come from? Believe me, most of us Brits are deeply ashamed by these yobs.

          So always remember this – Cycling is wonderful, the real thing – and football is just silly game.

  • Patrick Murphy

    If these galleries had 1000 images every time I would honestly look through them, they are simply superb.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017