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  • jules

    what a sham, once again our sport is held up to ridicule

  • Lach

    I definitely feel for Porte. After all the nay-sayers decrying his grand tour abilities, here he was on the wheel comfortably of the man presumed unbeatable, or at least un followable up a climb.. and then bam.

    • De Mac

      Yep – he is going well and to be honest, I reckon he may have given it a crack in the final 2Km, as he knew the others were all dropped and he would’ve tried to maximise his advantage to make up time. Clearly, his efforts were thwarted by the poor organisation of ASO…

    • JBS

      Forget following, he was leading and putting pressure on both Froome and (especially) Mollema when the crash happened. He may have cracked, who knows, but he looked good at the time. In a lot of ways I think Porte might be the biggest loser out of the whole incident.

      • markpa

        Looked like he was going to pull more than 19s back on everyone but Froome.

  • david__g

    I’m not a violent man but I have never seen so many people in one place who I’d gladly punch in the nads. What an awful crowd.

  • Herman Hanson

    Just put Toby Price or Cyril Depres as motor bike “pilots”. They will use the crowd for traction and the message will soon get through to stay out of the way :)

  • Hazy78

    They need to fix it, before one of the riders (who put so much time and energy into training and the race) gets injured and has to abandon.


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