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  • Michael Hart

    On time-trial stages, are there any rules about how long the slowest riders are allowed to take else risk being excluded from the Tour?

    • Dave


      On stage 13 the time cut was set to 25% of the winner’s time, and the slowest rider was 1:15 inside the limit.

      For the stage 18 uphill time trial it will be 33% of the winner’s time.

      • Michael Hart

        Thanks Dave.

  • Cameron Harris

    The heading above says GC standings, but the results are for the stage 13 ITT.

    • Neal Rogers

      It’s true, it defaults to stage results, but if you click on the little yellow ball, it switches to GC standings.

      • Cameron Harris

        There we go – thanks Neal. I hadn’t noticed that feature before.

        • Neal Rogers

          Yeah, it’s not ideal. We had built up all the stage preview pages in June, before I realized there was no way around the default. I’ve questioned whether or not it’s worth having the results included in the previews — reviewing GC makes sense, stage results less so — but ultimately decided to keep them, even though a high percentage of folks probably have the same experience you did and only see previous stage results.

          • Cameron Harris

            I’m sure that the functionality changed at some stage. When the PCS was first added, a few years ago, I don’t think it had the click through (I could be wrong). Now that I know I can change it, it’s less of an issue. Is there scope to include an instruction adjacent to the ball for other nooks like me?

            I thought the nicest implementation would be a top ten of GC, and clicking on the list would take you to a view of the full dataset (so – show all riders, change for green, white or KoM).

            Maybe that’s just me though. Back to watching Fabian eat a sandwich.


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