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  • Bärlach


  • Wily_Quixote

    A non-slammed and positive rise stem!

    if this was ‘bikes of the bunch’ there would be howls of outrage.

    • Andy B

      a pro bike without a slammed stemmed! crazy stuff!
      good to see someone willing to go with function over form

    • winkybiker

      It’s because BMC builds its race bikes with a race fit. Many other manufacturers build to a “fondo” fit and the racers have to compromise with small frames and comical stems.

      • Wily_Quixote

        for that to be correct the rest of the team would have similar setups. no?

  • Brian Ring

    You mean saddle nose to center?

    • James Huang

      Yep, correct. Sorry about that! Fixed.

  • lefthandside

    very interesting to see all the measurements and rider stats as well – i’m almost the same height and ride with a 30mm setback saddle too but ive got the same frame in a size 54, with a 120mm stem rather than 56 with 130mm. looking for the answer i can see the seat height is different and i might sit with more layback – i suspect that I have longer upper legs. anyway very interesting to me, slight differences obviously matter and i appreciate the anal retentive approach to measurements


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