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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Mark

    I like Sagan’s image of TdF riders beating each other with their pumps.

    • Rob

      Can we make a separate jersey for best bottle throw and pump beat down of the tour?

      • helenmjimenez


  • Superpilot

    Shane, there is a story here perhaps. I wasn’t sure who called ‘piano’ on the peleton on stage one when Contador crashed, but apparently it was Cancellara. I have read that Cipo would do so also in the past. Sagan as world champion is obviously deserved of such respect under the ‘old rules of the road’, but is perhaps unwilling to make himself unpopular. Why then will these disrespectful types listen to Cancellara, and what then upon his retirement? A descent to chaos, which has perhaps already begun? Solidarity of the peloton undermined by the mighty dollar? I should point out the dilution of such gentlemanly conduct is not limited to cycling, cricket and golf appear to be very much losing this attitude also. One can only assume that it is the inevitable pressure to perform in professional circumstances, where amateur athletes may be more likely to be more accommodating.

    • Andy B

      In my experience Amateurs are no better, on numerous occasions i’ve seen people in club races
      drive the pace or attack following an incident (racing for sheep stations)

      I just feel like Sagan believes they wont listen as he isn’t quite the elder someone like Cancellara is
      Perhaps in time he will earn that but not yet
      They are probably less likely to listen to a rider whom slowing up may suit for a win as they may see it as favouring themselves rather than helping the bunch.
      I think some readdressing of rules surrounding the final 3k would help, we don’t need everyone fighting for position with no hope of a stage win just to avoid crashes and therefore creating more drama & crashes

      I think this goes above the riders to be addressed, its hard for one man in the bunch to make the difference needed.

      • Dave

        I think there is a touch more respect if the request comes from a senior rider who is on a different team to the one which has had the mishap.

        I’m not sure how much the 3km rule can be altered without compromising the concept of a stage being raced from the start to the finish. For finishes on flat circuits, changing it to the start of the bell lap would be reasonable. However, it would be a shame if riders were no longer able to take time with a late attack.

  • Andy B

    To be fair if it wasn’t Kreuzinger on the front there would have been someone else, better they are in control than chasing wheels
    Paid off in the end, with that start to the tour its hard to imagine contador being himself in the mountains

    • ZigaK

      Agreed. I’d have to say that tweet from Andreu borders on trolling. Is it the real Frankie Andreu though, it says fakiefrankie? ;)


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017