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  • geoff.tewierik

    Not a hope he’ll be fronting up at Rio, and if the AOC have a clue they won’t let him, time to ring the reserve and get his flights booked and green and gold tracksuit ready. 3 weeks is not enough time to recover from a broken collarbone, even if he has surgery, and be fit enough to ride for a medal.

    • common sense

      get well soon Gerro!! has had some rotten luck.

      i guess the rider who put in an appeal, may now get a start.

      • Tim Ashton

        Who put in an appeal to the selections? I know the womens team announcement was held up due to an appeal, but hadn’t heard that about the mens team.

        • common sense

          have edited previous comment Tim, as i can not back that comment up with evidence.

          • Tim Ashton

            All good. I wonder what they will do now. Surely gerrans will not be able to compete in 3 weeks.
            Simon Clarke would be a good pick if he is in form (not riding TDF but did the Giro). Did well on a hilly 2014 worlds course after Evans and Gerrans dropped out.
            Adam Hansen would also be a good option, while not a pure climber he is an attacking rider and should be in form given he is currently at TDF.
            Not sure what other aussies for the Road Race will suit.

            • Dave

              Clarke would be my pick as well, and he should be in physical form as he is currently doing the Tour of Poland.

              If I was selecting the team, I would have put him in ahead of Gerrans in the first place as he would handle the climbs better.

              Other possibles might include Jay McCarthy (won the Stirling TDU stage this year), Damian Howson (climbed well at the Giro, and would also bump Porte from the ITT), Jack Haig or even Brendan Canty.

              • Robert Merkel

                Given the toughness of the climb, surely Howson?

                I’d love to see Canty or Haig get the chance but I think lack of experience at WT level, particularly for Canty would count against them.

                • Imagine that, if Canty got the call up. Worth noting that Gerro himself didn’t think he’d be able to challenge for a medal – I suspect they’ll be riding for Porte. Howson is a good replacement for mine.

  • Andy B

    seems to be a common occurrence for poor gerro, he always seems to be on a come back from injury
    Hopefully he is able to make it back for later in the season

  • velocite

    That sort of accident bothers me. Admittedly the video wasn’t great, but I couldn’t see that Simon did anything to promote that washout. There didn’t appear to be any change of direction and he was travelling at the same speed as the following peloton. In a race car you have the luxury of discovering the limits of adhesion by exceeding them, but I aim not to do that on the bike.

    • Dave

      He got two bad gusts of wind, one which threw him off what looked like a perfectly normal line and the second which stuffed up his correction.


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