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  • Neil

    Hard to see how this decision was made…

  • winkybiker

    The whole olympic thing is corrupt at just about every level. That there are capricious and self-interested selection decisions should come as no surprise. Having said that, appeals never work and tend to just make the person appealing look bad. Why they are played out on social media continues to baffle me.

    That the athletes can rise out of the cesspool and provide good entertainment anyway is amazing.

  • Stefan Eckardt

    Politics over performance is what this is. You take the athletes that are hot NOW. Stevens will work hard for Guarnier in the road race, as she has all year, so her selection makes sense. Abbott’s also is logical given her climbing ability and the hilly nature of the course.
    What has Armstrong done in road races recently? My concern is whether or not she will not ride for the team in the RR. Small on the other hand has been active in the European road racing season and would be a valuable helper in the road race, as well as have a legit shot at the TT.
    To me this smacks of selfishness (guess two gold medals for Armstrong isn’t enough) and a crooked selection process.
    It’s fortunate there’s four years between Olympics because if Armstrong doesn’t break out a heck of a TT (now that she’s displaced what most consider the better rider) or work in the RR for Guarnier & Co., the committee will look like fools. In my mind, they are fools already, though.


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