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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • Nitro

    Some quick / clever thinking by Froome and Sky me thinks..

    Everyone expects him to blast his way off the front on the way up a climb, clearly no one was expecting this move.

    GC classification for The Tour is the test of the complete rider – not just who those who excel in one part of the sport… and going downhill – fast – is clearly an aspect of this

    I say Bravo to Froome and Sky for – once again – managing to pull something out of the hat that nobody saw coming…

    • Deloris Hernandez

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    • Superpilot

      One can only hope the rest of the contenders start attacking more often and earlier in the tour compared to last year to keep it exciting (IMO Quintana waited really until the last 3 days to attack in earnest). The first week has been great.

      • Rosemary Grogg

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  • lowlander

    This is not a team that’s in a position to be cocky. They either made horrible tactical decisions today (likely) or are so confident that they think there’s no risk in giving Froome 23 seconds.

    Today they looked like a team that is riding for 3rd place. They gave the impression that the top 2 spots on the podium are for Froome and Quintana to decide.

    Generally I agree with forcing the top favorites to take the initiative to chase, but given the current circumstances of the GC, the strength of Sky, and the supposed desire of BMC to ride for the win, today was a big mistake. “He [Froome] just got the gap and Quintana didn’t want to chase. There you go.” Says it all.

    • Yes. Porte’s thoughts on racing, performance and general winning attitude over the last few years continually bewilder/ disappoint/ frustrate me. It seems so rare he’s ever prepared to race without fear or with balls. Counter punching will only get you so far….

  • FrankeeD

    I’m not convinced it was completely spontaneous. Froome mentioned that he happened to have a 54 ring on the front, which sounds like they had at least considered a downhill attack when they were setting up his bike.

    • I wonder if he was stating a 54t equivalent round front ring, or a 54t Osymetric (since that’s what he’s using) which would have been closer to a 50t if it were a round chainring.

      For example, a 56t Osymetric is at the top position (the dead spot) it is not a 56t, it is equivalent to a 52t (easier to think of it being the same diameter as 52t at this position).

      • Il_falcone

        What??? With each revolution of the crank an 54T oval or round or even a rectangle chain ring will transport the chain by 54 links. So as long as you’re able to reach the same cadence with the oval chain rings your bike will move with the same speed.
        But certainly that one tooth more did not win him the stage. Actually with the speeds he was travelling at pedaling didn’t contribute much at all and he could have been even faster if he avoided the turbulences caused by pedaling when sitting on the TT.

        • Superpilot

          Don’t mind the maths, Froome said he put a bigger chainring on. Whether he is talking a regular equivalent or Osymetric, it was bigger than his climbing gear, so as FrankeeD has stated, it seems he or his team had forseen a downhill attack, either by him, or as a defensive requirement.

      • FrankeeD

        He didn’t go into detail – just mentioned it in passing.

  • Munsonned

    The major BMC error was not having a team mate next to Porte when he punctured, which would have allowed him to swap bikes and finish with the other GC contenders. Schoolboy stuff.

    • Dale Smith

      Yeah that just seems so basic a mistake now.

    • hornk

      Och defended it by saying they were going for a stage win for GVA. Which makes you wonder about the team management. Do they actually care about GC? Have they promised Van Avermaet support in the Tour as part of contract negotiations? Either way team management made some mistakes if they actually want to win the tour.

  • Il_falcone

    I’m sorry, but neither Richie nor Tejay have what it takes to win the TdF. With Tejay it’s both physical and tactical while Richie would probably be able physically but if you need some DS in the car telling you what to do in a situation like that you should not be the captain of a team. If they had started to help Valverde chase Froome – which in a fast descent like this only means to roll through the paceline and not sit on the wheels and brake while drafting – others would have joined the party and they would have caught him easily. In an easy descent like this a sole escapee no matter how good a descender he is doesn’t stand a chance against a group of that size if they are committed. That’s simply physics and practised in races on a daily basis. Just ask the guys in the gruppetto how it works, Richie, they will be happy to teach you.

    • Shane Ingram

      Agree that Froome/Sky’s move was awesome and that BMC’s response was a big mistake. At this stage of the tour, to believe it was only Movistar’s responsibility to chase means you have resigned yourself to not coming top 2.

      Also, I think Sky’s move was clever a premeditated by Froome’s accelerating to take KOM points at an earlier climb. It suckered the peloton into believe that was what he was doing on the last climb. Combine this with him saying he was running a bigger chainring for today – It is highly kely this wast a plan/option for the day.

      • jules

        from memory – BMC only had Porte and TvG in that break. as co-leaders with GC ambitions, neither wanted to sacrifice themselves on the front of the chasing group. Movistar had Valverde, who is strong enough to chase and who has no GC ambitions in this Tour (if you believe him). I think BMC were smart to leave it to Movistar.

        • Dale Smith

          In hindsight maybe a mistake by BMC and it’s easy to criticise, but you’d put money on Valverde bringing Froome back down the hill. When you know that Froome and Quintana believe it’s a race between the two of them, then sitting in would have been a chance worth taking.

        • Shane Ingram

          Agree Jules. Because neither TJ or Porte wanted to sacrifice themselves for the other they left it to Movistar to do the work. In reality TJ and Porte didn’t need to sacrifice for each other – just help the pull when the biggest threat in the race is getting away!. On the flipside it shows why it was such a good move by Froome – to realise that despite the common goal, the chasers would not work together.

    • MadBlack

      Completely agree. I’d go further even after yesterday’s stage to suggest that Porte is still mentally riding for Sky. Not chasing immediately on Saturday then attacking on Sunday only to distance his “co-leader” and topping it off by coming in behind Froome and Quintana. BMC your tactics are off!

  • Neuron1

    After watching the last two stages, I think RP needs to have a team psyhchologist work with him. He first needs to stop thinking that Froome is his best mate, on the bike, and second he must be convinced to grow a pair, race to win.


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017