• claude cat

    Can anyone explain Movistar’s tactics to me please? 2 up the road in the break, Quintana doesn’t use them, nor do they come back to help. What’s the point of your domestique rolling over the line in 5th and it does nothing to help your GC position. Confused.

  • Andy B

    I didn’t even realise Dumoulin was in the race til his attack, nice move and strong finish in tough conditions!

    • Rosemary Grogg

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  • krashdavage

    The Queen of England has given Adam Yates an OBE already? Well deserved I say!

  • Cameron Harris

    I’m not a competitive cyclist, so perhaps someone can educate me…

    Richie mounted a number of attacks in the final climb last night, which is good, and what a contender with a couple of minutes of deficit should do. Why did he spend so much time doing swivel head to see who was behind him? Isn’t conventional wisdom that if you’re going to attack, then you worry about what’s ahead rather than behind? Was he behaving like Froome’s domestique instead?

    Or with the crowd and the rain, he couldn’t rely on audio queues?

    • Andy B

      Theres not much point attacking if all you’re doing is dragging everyone with you, I guess hes checking to see if its worth pushing on?

    • George Darroch

      I think he could have pushed a bit further before looking back, which tends to present as hesitation.

    • Ride4fun

      Porte was behaving like Froome’s domestique. His old job. Maybe he signed a new contract with Sky again.
      I think he was looking back to see how much he had distanced his teammate Tejay van Garderen. Trying to drop him. Gain time
      38 seconds, on him and become the teams number one GC rider.
      Or was it BMC team tactics?
      Does BMC have an explanation for this?

      • Cameron Harris

        Mate – it was a genuine tactics question. Save the conspiracy theories for someone else’s forums.

        • Ride4fun

          Dear Forum Monitor of All Ideas That Should Be Posted,
          Every “conspiracy” I listed has happened in past TDF’s, some many times.
          Not Your Mate


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