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  • singlespeedscott

    That inner chainring looks like a 39 tooth to me. Does Shimano even make a 38 tooth?

    • Ali89

      Typo I guess, looks like it says 39 on the thing.

      • David Everett

        Hi, it was Geraint’s mechanic that told me the gearing set up. If a pro can tell the difference between a 130 mm and a131 mm stem then I’m guessing they can tell the difference between a 39 and a 38 tooth chain ring. I know I sure couldn’t though.

        • Ali89

          my apologies.

          • David Everett

            No please don’t apologise. It’s nice to have a discussion on the topic. I initially thought it was a 39. Some of the pros have odd set ups.

    • flx

      Can you spot a one tooth difference? And yes, Shimano does make 38 tooth inner chainrings. They’re sold in a 52/38 combo for non-pros only, that’s why the outer ring says “39”

  • bleui

    regarding PRO custom stem for Team Sky, it seems many of their riders only take advantage of 1 mm change from the norm (129mm, 131mm). And here I am constantly fiddling my saddle fore-aft by 5mm never less

    • Aimee Aldrich

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    • James Huang

      PRO doesn’t create stems for Sky with custom lengths. Every stem is subject to manufacturing tolerances that can affect their actual length by a millimeter or two, and Sky mechanics individually measure their stems so they know exactly how long they are. 1mm or 2mm may not mean much to most of us but for riders that have multiple bikes that are all supposed to fit the same, a stem that is +2mm on one bike but -3mm on another, that can yield a very noticeable 5mm total difference that Sky tries to avoid. It’s quite a clever process, to be honest.

  • David Everett

    For a little added info, Froome won todays stage 8 on the same bike. His set up is slightly different, including a 54 outer chainring, something he used to his advantage on the run in to the finish.

    • @KendalKenny:disqus: do you know if that was a 54t chainring (stated equivalently as an osymetric)? Or if it was a 54t osymetric (which is about equivalent to a 50t round chain ring)?

  • Andy B

    How much does the normal team Sky F8 Weigh in race spec? Is it fitted with any weights?

    I have an F8 with campag, without weighing it, it feels pretty damn light
    I don’t believe 6.8kg on a standard F8 would be difficult to achieve?
    seems like a lot of effort to create a special frame to save 70-80g
    I wonder if its more to do with testing new materials?

  • adam

    Saving weight just means more ballast needs to be added to get back to 6.8kg. Pointless given the current rules. Time for the UCI to modernise!

    Similarly live onboard cameras would vastly improve coverage as well as reduce the number of motos and the risks they pose to the riders.

  • Cary Sun

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