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  • Steve-o

    That Canyon is a thing of beauty. SRAM eTap is so clean looking.

    • winkybiker

      Canyon is gorgeous. Hate the eTap, though.

  • Joshua Ho

    The TR brake callipers are made by a company called TriRig. The calliper is called the TriRig Omega.

    • Elizabeth Ryan

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  • Ali89

    Interesting that Tony Martin would go for a more gappy cassette rather than a smaller inner chain ring.

    • singlespeedscott

      I think a wider range cassette allows him to stay on that enormous big ring when dealing with rolling terrain.

      • jules

        Tony Martin has a preference for big chainrings, apparently to keep a straight chainline according to previous reports. A 58 will force the chain onto the more inboard sprockets, so I guess on a 53 he’s normally hooked onto a 12 or 13.

        with a 58 he can’t run a 39, changing onto the little ring would require a flurry of gear shifts on the rear to match up the ratio. so I guess the 44 gives him a nice transition between little and big chainrings, and then he needs the dinner plate 32 cog on the rear to handle the hills on that TT with a 44.

  • winkybiker

    Really surprised by the 3D printed cockpits. They can’t have the same weight/strength benefits as a proper HM carbon bar set-up. To be strong enough, they must be wicked heavy.


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