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  • J-Man

    did Sagan’s comments happen before or after stage 3? If before, is this why the riders rode at 30kph for the stage. As a type of demonstration?

    • Superpilot

      Mostly from after stage 2. Cav’s are after stage 3. Not sure why they rode so slowly, was funny to see some riders even complaining about that! I thought they would happily take an easy day anywhere they could.

      • They rode so slowly because there was only one guy out front and if they’d ridden any harder they would have caught him well before the finish (Sagan’s explanation in his press conference).

  • Superpilot

    Hmm, yes it really seems to be a case of a job to do that you get paid for. They may still respect the jersey, but with a DS yelling in your ear to try and make a split or drag your GC or sprinter up to the front, respect is the last thing on your mind if it costs you your contract next year? Thanks for the follow up on this, I trust it will not get the most clicks out of your tour articles, however it is the behind the scenes articles like this I find bring more to the coverage. In my mind, the jersey and/or patrons would have been respected in the past, no matter who the WC was, the bunch would have listened. Thinking about it now, as I am naïve, perhaps that was before even the start of the 1990s however.

    • Cynthiarbricker1


  • marcus_moore

    Comments in the Inrng article are worth the read.
    My thoughts after digesting them – change the timing on the splits in the bunch – either
    – allow the split to be bigger (say 3s or 5s) without penalising the ‘trailing bunch’, or
    – change the time gap determination between the bunches to be the time between the last rider of the front bunch & the first rider of the trailing bunch.

  • pedr09

    I wonder too if the peloton might be a much safer place if there was more bottle throwing and beatings with pumps.

  • Yaroslav Volkov

    ‘Stage 3 victor Mark Cavendish (Tinkoff) agrees with Sagan’s sentiments’ – a bit of a typo there

    • Ah, right you are. Thanks for that. ‘Twas late. ;)

  • Simon

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