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  • bigdo

    oh my goodness… A Cav renaissance… no way you could’ve told me before le tour started that he’d be beating Kittel at the line on these finishes.. no way.. lol

    • Steel

      I know, right? He’s beating him for outright pace too! No one was coming of kittel’s wheel and out dragging him, no one.

      • Aimee Aldrich

        <<o. ?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:::::::!bq527p:….

    • Steve S

      I’m ashamed to say, me too.. Couldn’t be more pleased, great to see articles calling him the Manx Missile again.

  • winkybiker

    I would have liked to have put a few dollars on Cav winning 3 stages before the Tour started.

    • Nitro

      Hello, is that UNIBETCrownBetBet365Whateveritscalled?

      I’d like to put an accumulator bet on – Trump winning the Republican nomination (Everyone says that’s never going to happen), England voting to leave the European Union (Everyone says it’ll be close but they’ll stay), Iceland beating England in Euro2016 (Yes, the country with more volcanos than people), and Cav winning 50% of the first stages in the Tour (Yes that’s right – the guy everyone says is too old and past it)

      What are the odds you’re quoting?

      A Million to one?

      Yes, I’ll have 10 bucks on that please…

      • winkybiker

        You forgot to include Iceland knocking England out of the footy.

  • Abdu

    What’s going on with Greipel? Second time he’s pulled out with 100m to go. This time he was on the wheel of the lead out guys boxed in against the barriers and couldn’t shift over or maintain speed when they pulled out. Has he been reading Peter Sagan’s book of sprinting tactics?


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