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  • Kudos to Anne-Marije Rook for a thoughtful approach to this topic. I’ve seen some real zingers on other sites, treating Cookson with contempt for not changing everything overnight. Well done for understanding his limitations and focusing on what he can actually do.

    • Lorettaasmith2

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  • Berne Shaw

    Alleged support of women’s cycling quote by Brian aa’but we can help to put in place the circumstances by which other can contribute, and teams, riders, sponsors and organisers can get behind women’s cycling in a way that has never happened in the past.”

    Yet they are allowing Bahrain to get a license! Shame! Women are treated as inferiors, with across the board discrimination, imprisonment, not allowed to get divorces except under the horrid mess of Sharia Law Courts while men get a civil divorce any time they wish, they are not allowed to live by themselves while single! They cannot run for any office that has real authority, their children are subject to authoritarian rule by others, family and civil and religious. They are imprisoned for human rights discriminations and punished harshly in jail. Shame on the UCI shame!


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May 22, 2017
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