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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
  • MattHurst

    Great ride Van Avermaet, great to see him get something big from the year after the classics.

  • binotto

    Well deserved Greg! As a side note, I’m actually enjoying the Velon highlights. The official Tour ones are so short that I can’t get a feel for what happened on the stage anyway, so if it has to be that short, I’d rather get a sense of the atmosphere at the depart, and see events close up like Contador stuck under a pile of riders, or Kittel falling to the ground exhausted after his sprint.

  • George Darroch

    What does this mean for Richie Porte?

    I suspect that his TdF GC campaign is mostly over, even at this early stage he’s seven minutes down. He is again super-domestique for GvA, and BMC have sufficient experience to use him.

    I’d say that while he’ll do a very good job in defense, chances are his mind is on the Olympic road race and being in sufficient condition for that. He could easily medal in Rio.

    • Andy B

      i’m not sure it changes much ultimately, GVA’s best performance in the tour was 25 minutes behind a much weaker GC field so I don’t think he has a realistic hope of taking over the team GC leader role
      It could give them more cards to play if anything

      I don’t know about “easily” medal, the Olympics always seem to throw up a surprise

      • Dave

        “Easily” is just padding.

        The Olympics is a hard win for anyone, let alone for a rider who has never won a one day race.

    • Michael_Fink

      Froome’s down over 5 minutes on GC. Is his Tour also over?

      Porte is 1:45 down on Froome and Quintana. That’s the only figure that matters.

    • Michele

      Means nothing.
      2 or 3 years ago GVA was off doing his own thing for the entire 3 weeks. That including chasing a stage win with a last moment attack whilst his team mate – and designated leader – Teejay got caught up in a crash or mechanical [memory a little hazy].
      Suffice to say BMC had no problems with GVA then. so I doubt they’ll have a problem now.

      • Dave

        BMC don’t seem very confident in either of their GC guys, so GVA getting the win last night and taking the yellow jersey gives them an alibi if neither of the two GC prongs on their fork end up placing in the top ten.

        I expect that they won’t really work hard to defend it on tonight’s sprint stage, sure they’ll stay kind of near the front (to protect all three of the team’s leaders) but leave the real work to the sprint teams.

        On stage 7 it presents an opportunity for Porte to go on the attack (if he still knows how after spending four years at a team specialising in negative tactics) while the rest of the team marks Froome and Quintana. If he can get over the Col d’Aspin category 1 climb with enough time to hold off Quintana on the descent, he could take back some of the time lost on stage 2.

        Does he have the fire in the belly to attack against his buddy Froome? One thing is for sure – TJVG will be furious if Porte works for Froome again like he did at the Dauphine a few weeks ago.


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017