Video: Marcel Kittel’s 2016 Tour de France custom Specialized Venge Vias

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After four field sprints (in six stages) of the 2016 Tour de France, German Marcel Kittel has won and finished second twice aboard this custom-painted Specialized Venge Vias.

The idea for the graphics came from CERN’s particle execrator — CERN is the “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire,”or European Council for Nuclear Research.

“I like this bike a lot and I really thank Specialized for having prepared it for me right before the most important competition of the year, said Kittel. “What impresses me the most about this bike is the contrast between the alloy-colored frame and the applied decals. They are an explosion of colors and they represent in a way what happens in a sprint, an explosion of power and speed. It’s also in part what happens to your muscles when you break into a sprint. I’m happy that this great project has become a reality.”

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