What is the optimal age to win a stage of the Tour de France?

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Data visualisations by Chris Jensen

Today we took a look at what the ages of riders throughout history to see if there was a statistically ‘optimal’ age to win a Tour de France stage throughout its history. Here’s what we uncovered:

  • The best performing age is 26 years of age
  • About half of all Tour de France wins come from riders between 24-27 years of age
  • 4 different riders have won stages at age 21, which is the youngest in our dataset (licensed from ProCyclingStats.com). However, we do know that the youngest Tour de France stage winner is Fabio Battesini, who was 19 when he won one stage in the 1931 Tour de France
  • The oldest ever stage winner according to our dataset is Pino Cerami at 41 years old in the 1963 TDF 
  • Note the huge increase in wins between 23 and 24 years old

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