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  • Good piece Matt. Thorough as usual. Thanks. Makes me want to live there.

  • Vasco

    Very good piece. It’s worth mentioning tho, that WADA – in November last year – declared Andorra (together with Russia…) for non-compliant. Status still stands today.

    • Dave

      Not an issue for athletes on licences from other countries who live there, especially not cyclists when CADF are happy to send their collectors across borders in Europe.

  • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

    Dont kid yourselves… for forrigners living in Andora or Monaco living there has only one purpose: tax evasion…

    • Pedalbot

      Please use the correct terminology. This is not tax evasion, which is the the illegal nonpayment or underpayment of tax. One of the benefits of living in Andorra is tax avoidance, which (as defined by wiki) is the “legal usage of the tax regime in a single territory to one’s own advantage to reduce the amount of tax”.

    • There’s no doubt the favourable tax conditions are one of the reasons riders are moving to Andorra. But to say it’s the only reason is simply not true.

      • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

        True, among other reosons woth mentioning:

        no civil war or risk of civil war.
        low violent crime rate simlar to other western/southern/nothern european countries.

        truth be told – the only major diference compared to living in proximity of Pamplona, Zaragoza, Nice, Toluose, Slazbourg, Munich, Turin or Bolzano which offers similar geographical advantages would be the tax thing + ability to hide your wealth from european tax authorities.

        • jules

          hate the game, not the player.

          why would anyone deliberately choose to live somewhere with a higher tax rate? can you imagine them in a breakaway? “John, get off the front! stop doing all the work! that’s an order, I’m your DS!”

  • J Evans


  • Robert Merkel

    You wouldn’t live there for the culture, but it’s hard to imagine a tax haven with nicer training roads.

    Weird place though – its economy is almost entirely based on tax avoidance. The joint has massive supermarkets, car tyre shops, tobacconists and bottle shops that Spaniards and the French take day trips to because everything is cheaper because of the lower VAT. The other major business, like other European microstates, is private banking.

    For what it’s worth, there were also a hell of a lot of pharmacies advertising Viagra and Valid,and I had the distinct impression that they weren’t too fussed about prescriptions. Make of that what you will…

    • Deloris Hernandez

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