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  • Berne Shaw

    quite pathetic is it not along with finish area barriers with protruding feet after all these years.

    • PsiSquared

      The finish area barriers with protruding feet are bad, but the flamme rouge gantry falling is very likely a case of shit happening. Its not like there’s been a lot of gantries falling. Sometimes shit happens, no matter how well you plan. Just be happy that, as Yates said, this didn’t happen on a sprint stage with a peloton bearing down at high speed.

  • Steve Wilner

    That gantry is disassembled and reassembled each day. Likely just human error on assembly? Would hate to think about spectator tampering.

    • Edvid

      According to the ASO, a spectator accidentally unplugged a generator for the inflatable arch after getting their belt caught on a power cable.

      • Dave

        We had an inflated archway come down early in the Peoples Choice Classic (TDU exhibition crit) last year, thankfully ‘between’ laps and a slower deflation so some spectators and police moto riders (they don’t just ride around to look cool) were able to hold it up for the next passage of the race before it was removed.

        In that case, it was fine all through the earlier events on the day, and only became a problem when some idiot spectator got excited about trying to get the best spot once the feature race got going.

        The best organisers can at times have a bit of a blind spot for these ‘random’ circumstances, because they are hampered by a lack of idiots on their organisational team to provide first-hand insight into their bizarre capabilities.

  • Chucky Beans

    Glad to see Yates got the white jersey after all. But times were taken at the 3km to go mark for GC riders? Does this mean that they effectively gain the time that would have elapsed between the 3km to go mark and the finish? Or did they calculate the amount of time it would have taken them to travel those 3km and then add it?

    • Raymond

      They get the same finishing time as those at the front of the lead group with 3km to go.

    • Dave

      They take the gap from the stage winner to each group at the 3km point, then add those gaps to the stage winner’s time at the finish (3:48:09 in this case) to produce the ‘corrected’ stage time for the riders in that group.

      Every stage has a photo finish camera located at the 3km line (1km line for TTTs and summit finish stages) for the purpose of timing the gaps and determining the groups at that point. In a worst case scenario (e.g. GreenWedge) this can serve as the ‘backup’ stage finish.

      Yates was 3:30 down on Cummings at the 3km line, so he got awarded a time of 3:51:39.
      The ‘GC group’ were 3:37 down, so they got awarded 3:51:46.
      Another eight who finished with the Froome group after being further behind at the 3km line (probably by catching up when the Froome group stopped at the archway) got awarded the appropriate times for their gap further back.

      Riders further back who were not delayed because the arch was removed by the time they came through would get their actual finish time.

      • Chucky Beans


  • Robert Merkel

    Unfortunately, it seems that the name change hasn’t lifted Orica-BikeExchange’s gentry curse…

    Seriously, having things come down on you while riding is not much fun at all. Glad he’s OK.

    • Aimee Aldrich

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  • Dave

    Just saw the footage from the neutral service moto mechanic’s helmet camera on SBS now. The pilot of the moto took it right in the head, I hope they were not hurt.

    Classy reactions to it from Yates and Prudhomme. The interview would have been much more entertaining if it had happened to Wiggo, Cadel or the old version of Cav before he got married and grew up.


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