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  • Dave

    Was hoping they’d have it on stage 20 instead of a crit on the stage 21 circuit this time.

    Maybe next year.

  • Stefan Eckardt

    Nice write-up & should be another good race. Ya, it’s crit-style but better than nothing.
    On a different note, surprised there’s no write-ups here about the Thuringen-Rundfahrt stage race…..

    • Jeanine Laudy

      Hi Stefan, we would love to cover Thüringen too (I personally lóve that race), but our resources limit us to the Women’s WorldTour only – at least throughout the season (we did cover Qatar and Omloop het Nieuwsblad at the beginning of the year). Thüringen is in several ways much more interesting than other races, but choices had to be made here at Ella HQ. Keep on commenting about races you want us to cover, so we might be able to extend our resources in 2017!

    • Jeanine Laudy

      There are short Thüringen updates in CyclingTips’ Daily News Digests though! https://cyclingtips.com/news/internationale-thuringen-rundfahrt-der-frauen/

  • Andy B

    It would be great to see this race extended to be last few days of the tour
    Obviously it would take a big change in organisation, vehicle numbers, staffing etc but would it allow women’s cycling more time and a chance to be seen on the biggest stage

    hope to catch it on TV, last years race was a bit of carnage

    • Jeanine Laudy

      We agree! A one week Tour de France for women, finishing with La Course!

      • Dave

        What about Thüringen Rundfahrt though, shouldn’t one of the few successful stand-alone women’s events be celebrated and promoted to WWT classification rather than shoved aside for the sake of some cheap TV time?

        Other options could include:
        – running a week-long women’s race which shares its final three stages with the Grand Depart of the Tour de France (like the end of the WTDU overlaps with the start of the TDU) while still having La Course on the final Saturday or Sunday of the Tour.
        – having the La Course circuit race as the opener for a stage race which won’t conflict with any of the established races. The RideLondon women’s crit could serve as the final stage.

        Part of women’s cycling taking itself more seriously has to be looking at what is best, not just what is easiest.

        • Jeanine Laudy

          Yes I agree with you that current races with great reputations should NOT be shoved aside. My personal opinion though is that you first look at the available races and you look at the calendar after that. If you want to have a (short) women’s Tour de France alongside the men’s race, you have to do that in one of the three weeks of the Tour de France. Thüringen is not linked to any other race, so could move a little bit – maybe only a couple of days. The same goes for the Giro Rosa. Moving a race doesn’t necessarily mean being shoved aside, it’s a matter of how you arrange things.

          • Dave

            There’s not much room to shift Thüringen Rundfahrt back before it bumps into the back end of the Giro Rosa though (there is already only a four day break) and the organisers wouldn’t be keen on starting it mid-week instead of over a weekend.

            Any plans to run a multi-stage Tour Femme in parallel with the Tour de France would require one of the Giro Rosa or Thüringen Rundfahrt organisers to agree to give up their prime spot in the peak European summer holiday period and shift to a different time.

            Until then, the best move will be to keep La Course in its current format or allow it to develop in another format which doesn’t clash. Another option could even be to develop Thüringen Rundfahrt into a Franco-German women’s tour which would take in the current seven days in Germany, followed by a transfer day and stages on the morning of the Tour’s stage 20 and 21.

            I have runs on the board in this area, by the way. I’m one of the volunteers which runs the WTDU, a race that has been steadily building from a series of crits to a UCI four day road race now.

            • Jeanine Laudy

              Thanks for your gréat work for women’s cycling then :). And it is a complicated discussion, I agree.

              I love your idea about developing Thüringen Rundfahrt into a Franco-German race though! Might want to talk with the ASO about that.

  • Lizzie Lay

    Which day/date is the race on? It would be great to encourage local bike cafes to screen the broadcast.

    • Jeanine Laudy

      Sunday July 24th!

  • James Belford

    Watching Hosking take La Course will be the highlight of the telecast.

    • James Belford

      I was so right. The way she bumped her way onto a better train with 700 to go. Gold. Then drafted the last breakaway girl carrying unbelievable speed. Explosive like the Giro Rosa. Un passable.

  • Cyco

    Lisa Brennauer may have a decent sprint, but still more of a TTer than a sprinter


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