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  • Legstrong

    I always wondered how Movistar team could put a blind faith on a guy who chose to prepare the biggest race in his hometown alone rather than racing to build his fitness in Europe against the best. This is their own fault.

    Really disappointing to see the current situation especially after Contador was done. Obviously, Quintana was over-hyped.

  • Nitro

    Someone in Katusha clearly reads this site, and wasn’t impressed with the “They’re not getting a return on their investment – lots of budget, but no stage wins to date” comment…

    Oh the power, reach and influence of CT…

  • krashdavage

    Where are last night’s tour results? I mean the results list… not on
    the Zakarin race win report page. Not on the Richie Porte aims for
    podium report story. Not on daily news… there’s a broken link there
    too. I really just want the list. And I don’t want to go elsewhere for
    the information. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but it
    should be easier to find. You have great reporting and content, don’t get me wrong… but you know. Just a list of placings etc would be good

    • philipmcvey

      I’m with you on that – there’s so much great coverage of the race here, but finding the actual results and classification is needle in a haystack material.

      • krashdavage

        Nice to know it’s not just me!

        • philipmcvey

          Ha.. I am also not the sharpest tool in the shed though so please don’t take my failure as affirmation :)

    • Bex

      yeah i hear you, the results are on the home screen with the top 3. if you select the more link on that you get the full sheet.


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