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  • Stian Pollestad

    That onboard race footage was super-cool to watch.

    • Neal Rogers

      A lap of the course is 5.4km. The exact number of laps is still TBD but the men’s race will be ~40-50km.

      • david__g

        You say it’s 4.8km in the article?

        Either way, this is going to be my personal highlight of the Olympics. Well, this and the women’s MTB race.

        Although neither of them are Johnny T, are they? When they wear rubber suits and use 60T chainrings, then we can talk ;)

        • Neal Rogers

          Ah, whoops! Yeah, UCI describes it as a 4.8km course; Rio2016 describes it as 5.4km. I should’ve split the difference and just called it a 5km circuit. Also, speaking of Johnny T, I’ve got a great interview with him to roll out in the next few weeks…

          • david__g

            I can’t wait! I’m 37 and got into mountain biking aged 8 or 9 so Johnny T has always been my benchmark for everyone that followed.

          • Spider

            Oh yes….this will be good…if God wanted to learn how to mountain bike get JT to teach him.

  • Rob

    More than 95% of the world use metric units. Do we really need to be seeing inches and feet? No.

    • Neal Rogers

      Old habits die hard. Metric conversion added.

    • david__g

      I still use feet and inches for height and have no idea what my height in metric is. Yet I live Canada and use kms. I’m a weirdo I guess!

      • Adrian

        Same here. Australian, grew up with British imperial, metric happened early high school. Distance, length, and weight in metric no problems, but height. No idea. 6ft is tall and couldn’t even tell you how many cms that is.

        • Ben Elvy

          Me too. I grew up surfing (in Aust) and board lengths have always been – and will likely stay Imperial.
          Interestingly, in recent times they’re starting to work with a volume scale too, which is in litres!

        • hornk

          184cm. I moved to Germany, so I now know my height and my wife’s height in cm. All else is still a mystery.

    • James_Casper

      I play a bit of crickey seriously … My bats are always in pounds and ounces.

      My fav recipe books are always in imperial measurements.

      My fav burger is called the 1/4 pounder.

      To answer your question? Yes.

      • J Evans

        Crickey is really posh cricket.

        • Adrian

          Unlike the burger?

  • Adrian

    +1 to comment about metrics.
    Seriously, Armstrong and Ulrich? They’re cheats. And I don’t buy they were all on the juice defence since only one of them part owned the team, committed perjury, and actively and publicly vilified several women. Yep, just the role model for the sort of athlete we want in the sport. As you say of Schurter and Absalon, they are like Federer and Djokovic, and to put Armstrong and Ulrich alongside them? As with inrng’s recent obituary piece, how and why you do something is as important as what you do to be great.

    • Saeba R.

      “actively and publicly vilified several women”

      Strange comment, I seem to recall he actively and publicly vilified many people, Simeoni and Lemond for example?

      Do you think women are weaker, so such actions can only hurt them?

      • Adrian

        Not at all. Just thought the list didn’t need to include everyone. (Though I do think that vilifying women who are not professional elite athletes with the same access to media resources and income as professional male athletes is different and indicates something in its own right.)

        • Saeba R.

          Not at all. You could have simply used the gender neutral term ‘people’.

          And your last point is pure nonsense given, for example, Betsy received plenty of media attention and the financial resources of Frankie.

          As an aside, in a male dominated sport, the only two non procyclist whistleblowers were female (if I recall correctly). That is maybe an interesting angle to consider…

          • Adrian

            think they’re both excellent points and absolutely on ‘people’!

    • krashdavage

      It was a great rivalry and that is all that was said.

      • Adrian

        Agreed. My comment is not about ‘rivalry’ but ‘great’. I was suggesting *great* rivalries are as much about the character of the participants as it is about the individual sporting moments that make the rivalry a rivalry, and in this case I’m struggling to see that their character warrants the honorific of ‘greatness’.

        • James_Casper

          What do you think about the Coppi v Bartali rivalry?




          Gino and Fausto ‘perfect’ characters, befitting of a great rivalry?

      • J Evans

        It wasn’t a great rivalry – Armstrong always won. And it wasn’t even that close.
        Doesn’t mean Armstrong was better than Ullrich – that we can never know, as with doping the playing field is never level.

    • J Evans

      And threatened at least one woman.

  • George Darroch

    I’ll be cheering for Monese.

    That course doesn’t look particularly technical, and has a lot of wide and flat road that suit someone whose intermediate sprint ability is second to none. It’s much more like a CX course than I expected – let’s hope it’s interesting.

  • Laurens

    Good to see the cobbled sections on this course are in a little better shape than in Paris-Roubaix.

  • Great article Neal. Thanks.

  • zeresh geresh

    True to his American heritage, Neal Rogers is shallow , likes junk food , and likely to sound very professional over nothing ;-)

    • James_Casper

      Are you taking the Mickey?

      True to his heritage, zeresh geresh is a total twat, who thinks he’s funny and smart ;-)

      • Usually an emoticon can articulate sarcasm, but I have no idea what Zeresh is talking about or his tone.


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