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  • Valiant Abello

    A gentleman and an inspiration

  • ChinookPass

    Great article. Thanks for writing and posting this. I hope Adriano is able to compete and enjoy racing again.

  • So pleased to see this RACER can return to the Profi ranks !

    How often do the Race Organisers MISS these road defects ?

    AS a Profi , ADRIANO Malori ( NB article ONLY used family name throughout ) had ” Exceptional Motivation ” and it could be of considerable help to the ” shamateurs ” who suffer similar injury , through NO FAULT of their own , except being on road surfaces , perhaps already reported as DANGEROUS to local authorities ?

    Only a month before , there was a ” similar crash ” , on a Dawn Patrol in Sydney area ! Sadly that Racer LOST HIS LIFE !

    We , avidly read , the exploits of the ” Profi.s ” and forget that they spend more of the year , TRAINING on the same roads that WE endure?
    Will Adriano speakout about the road surfaces , he will endure as he TRAINS , in the future , OR , will he leave it to ” Jo Blow ” to suffer a similar result ? So often , the inclination , is to let the matter slide , TOO BUSY in our lives , to take the initiative and pick up the phone , or even better go to the ” Council Office and speak to the ” Paper shuffler ” that CLAIMS that hey will TAKE ACTION !

    So , i will be looking forward to the ” Podiums ” that Adriano achieves in the coming months .


    anyone care to report the name of the Sydneysider from December 2015 ,

    NO ?

    Well i hope your Peloton mates remember YOU , when , YOU , suffer the same fate , due to the ” Oh why bother ” attitude of TOO MANY !

    • Tim Ashton

      Have you heard of the term ‘rambling’?

  • Tim Ashton

    Great content and well written.

  • Ashok Captain

    Forza Adriano! A truly amazing cyclist and a great write up. Touching pics as well. Salut to his girlfriend and Movistar as well for standing by him. Do post a story when he’s back racing.

  • Fatmantis

    Cool article. As a fellow bike-related, severe TBI alum, I can say that recovering my (much more modest) wattage was not hard, but recovering all fine level balance has been impossible (for me I’ve got balance back to maybe 95%. For racing, maybe doable, but not great, and for a brake-free pro, no way).

    But most importantly, the RISK of a second brain injury is greatly increased and the effect of any second injury is _far_ more dire than the first time. He sounds like a great guy, and I’ll watch him with inspiration and hope, for sure. Norms should realize though- this return to racing likely bears some really high risks for him and his family. Even more risks than the very high ones that all pros take to entertain us, all the time.

  • Stuttgart5

    Shouldn’t the numerous severe traumatic injuries and deaths in bike racing be prompting some improvements in the minimal safety equipment used in the sport?

  • bleui

    What an inspiring story, thank you CT for this article. A good reminder for not taking things for granted and always in the positive state of mind


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