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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED by the behaviour exhibited by RACE Personnel as shown on the Video , that i saw elsewhere !

    Seems that even the Vice President of UCI , @GaudryT , continued on her way , even though it was apparent that a RACER was down and INJURED !

    OK , she was in the rear of the vehicle ! WHAT would be needed to ASK the driver to PULL OVER ? Yes , there was a RACE on for OLYMPIC GLORY , but , WHAT UCI RULE PREVENTS checking that the RACER is ALIVE ?

    SO , someone will CHECK ?

    two minutes later ?

    IF , Victoria Government , where Tracey lives , runs Adverts , saying that a Child can DROWN in 20 Seconds , HOW LONG will it take for an ADULT to drown with a BLOCKED AIRWAY ?

    AS mentioned elsewhere , considerable numbers of vehicles PASSED , ALL with the ” Righteous Attitude of ” She’ll be right “!

    Just as UCI needs to have an ” Accreditated Personnel Driver Test ” so as to avoid incidents such as Flecha & Hoogerland at TDF 2011 , Moto attacks on Racers such as David Miller, Peter Sagan , etc , IT NOW APPEARS that they NEED to require the 1st on the scene , to be ABLE to administer the BASIC 1st Aid , such as Pulse Check and CHECK of Airway !

    AS for those with the ” Not my JOB , attitude ” , P#SS OFF !


    AS for other racers’ comments , such as

    ” a tough course was all part and parcel of bike racing.

    Just like the crashing.”

    Well Richie Porte , won’t be as cavalier ?

    • Mallory McGuire

      No one who saw the crash was qualified to do any kind of medical assessment, move her or render aid of any kind. It was confirmed she was breathing from the get go, so no, her airway wasn’t blocked. She wasn’t choking or suffocating. She was unconscious. And she went over the bars and clearly hit her head. In all EMT training NO ONE should touch someone in this condition until trained personnel arrive, who know how to move an injured victim, to minimize the risk of further injury to the spine or neck, because at that point they don’t know if she has a spinal injury or not. Would you have them move her and risk paralyzing her? They did exactly what they should have, which was not to move her, and wait for the ambulance. People are so “disgusted” or “outraged” because they clearly know zero about rendering emergency medical evac procedures. And the medics got there pretty fast considering. There’s always someone pissing and moaning on the internet, who don’t even know what they’re talking about.

      • Phillip Mercer

        You’re right, until the medics got there all they could do is warn the other racers to slow down to mitigate the Danger part of DRSABCD. My only concern it that a medical motorbike wasnt further up in the convoy, but hey its the organizers and the commissaires who know the race situation at any given time and what resources they had to spare.

      • First .. ALL ” Moto Users SHOULD HAVE 1st AID TRAINING ! No Racer in Front of THEM , so WHY IGNORE ?

        2/ AS some of those ” Motos are about CLEARING HAZARDS from the RACE ROUTE , why did NONE STOP ?

        3/ As this Lady Racer was SOLO ahead of the RACE , WHERE were All those Vehicles GOING ?

        4/ As demonstrated by Nibali , etc , WHY was this curve IGNORED as a Potential Hazard ?

        5/ Vic. Gov. runs an ” Ad ” , ” It takes 20 secs for a CHILD to DROWN ” , ! It took 1 min 53 secs for ” Authorised Aid ” to arrive ! The video WAS NOT GOING LIVE , so WHO was the ” Know it ALL ” that adjudged the fACT that NOTHING be DONE or ATTEMPTED !

        6/ I was not there , BUT , without MOVING ANY part of the body , a person can check Pulse & check AIRWAY !

        7/ Mens’ Race demonstrated that this section of the Race Course was PERILOUS , so HOW FOOLISH to NOT Prepare for any further possibility ?

        AS to my comments , ” There’s always someone pissing and moaning on the internet, who don’t even know what they’re talking about. ”

        Have YOU BEEN to Aigle seeking IMPROVED SAFETY for the Racers in the Parcours , or whilst they train out on the roads in the Traffic ? Talking to myself could get BETTER RESULTS !

        This Racer , has been UNLUCKY enough to be the VICTIM of Traffic Violence in recent times , AND , may well have received a ” Get Well Tweet ” from @BrianCookson ! But regardless of whether the Racer is Male or Female , the STANDARD of Qualification of Race Personnel in International Events , needs IMMEDIATE REVIEW & UPGRADE ! A local Family event should also require 1st Aid to be a MAJOR Consideration !

      • Scott Clauss

        One of the worse crashes I have seen was when a motor pulled over to assist on a narrow blind corner like that and about ten guys at speed came around the corner and smashed into it. Stopping to help without considering what is coming down the road can make things way worse.

      • Jenniferehager

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    • Will

      your emphasising is really annoying.

    • Dave

      Your keyboard seems to be broken.

  • Tony Hunt

    Very good to hear the prognosis, but while health is the most important thing of all, the loss of the opportunity of a gold medal will surely haunt poor Annemiek for years to come. Let’s hope she can consider it a notional win – there is surely no doubt that she would have distanced herself from Abbot by more than the lead that the winner finally had over the unfortunate American.

    • donncha

      At the time of her crash she was already 30 seconds plus up on Abbott. Far enough ahead that she had the TV moto between the two of them.

  • Augsburg57

    Some day, we will look back on today’s cycling world like we look at historical artifacts such as the Roman Coliseum with gladiators and hapless victims. Yes, there are still examples of chicken fighting and dog fighting – but mostly in back alleys. There are still a few places on earth allowing bull fighting, but even that is coming to its end.

    Modern “sports”, with the exception of cycling, have almost universally embraced safety. No one races cars or boats without fireproof suits and extensive roll cages and safety equipment. That was not the case at one time. Even the NFL has woken up to the long term damaging effects of concussions. It did take a billion dollars in lawsuits to get them to wake up.

    It does not take Einstein to see that a few simple, safety measures could be taken in bike racing that would dramatically improve the safety of the riders. Safety should go beyond helmets (which are past due for a re-evaluation of the design standards they adhere to). For god sakes, even helmets were not required just a short time ago. Really?! A few well-placed crash cushions or hay bales at bad curves would have made a difference at the Olympic Road races last weekend. The Olympics entails spending billions of dollars and they can’t throw out a few hay bales? Again, it does not take a lot of smarts to see a little lightweight kevlar fabric placed at the knees, elbows and hips of cyclists’ clothing would do wonders in protecting cyclists. Anyone that has hit the deck wearing bike gloves is amazed at how well the thin fabric and leather protects the hands.

    I love cycling and bike racing, but unfortunately the old guard of cycling and the old notions of “that’s bike racing” plague the sport. The riders are brainwashed into thinking they should be up for this kind of danger. Van Vleuten tweets she was OK, and no one in the cycling media questions that a rider with a severe concussion is probably in no position to determine they are “OK”? It is time the cycling media think like journalists. The riders are depending on you.

    If anything good is come out of the tragedy of these Olympics in Rio, it is an renewed awareness that is is long past time for change in the sport.

    • Tony Hunt

      As one who suffered a broken hip and lost some skin in a road-bike crash three years ago, I sympathise with your comments. I suspect, however, that a fair bit of resistance might be encountered from racing cyclists themselves on the grounds of encumberment and loss of cooling. That said, given the frequency of occurrence of temporary and permanent fitness-threatening injuries, I suspect many would be happy to see measures introduced provided that all racers were subject to them, i.e. they would be more inclined to vote for a general introduction than adopt them as individuals.
      Am I not right in thinking, however, that some of the measures you propose would currently be banned by clothing regulations? If so, that is unforgivable.

    • WHILST Racers are prepared to stand holding ” Placards ” asking for ” SAFETY ” , do YOU ever see them put these Photos into THEIR Social Media ? The ” UCI ” is supposed to be the ” Cyclist Union ” , YET , what do we see after ALL the ” Moto Incidents “, NOTHING ! At a guess , it is because they FEAR the reprecussions from ” Sponsors ^ & Team hierachy ?

      UCI putting ” SAFETY ISSUES ” top of the agenda in Qatar , both in competition AND whilst Training in amongst the Traffic , WE ALL Benefit ! National Cycling Federations should be ALL working TOGETHER to create the Protocols NEEDED to ensure that the likes of @AVvleuten do not continue to SUFFER !

      As mentioned by another , Cycling is NOT the current version of the Gladiatorial Spectaculars of Ancient Rome !

      AS to the ” Motos ” on the Race Parcours , PLEASE Explain WHY the likes of ” Mavic/Shimano ” , carrying ” Spare Race Equipment ” are well ahead of ANY Competitor ? Useless as a SPARE ( are they expecting a punctured Racer to catch up to them , EVEN IF they stop ) TYRE , they can only be ADDING to the perceived RISK Factors in a race !

      • Dave

        One of the neutral service cars in front of the race so they can get into the gap behind a breakaway group by waiting on the side of the road, rather than passing the peloton from behind.

        This is a well understood protocol, and is directed by race control.

    • Dave

      You will be pleased to know that helmet standards have been updated multiple times, and they are still improving. One of the more recent developments (which was being worn by Annemiek van Vleuten on Sunday) is a technology called MIPS which reduces the amount of rotational force transmitted through to the head and neck when a helmet is subjected to an angled impact.

      I fully expect that AvV was told by her doctors that she would be okay before tweeting it. Most hospitals prohibit the use of phones in their Intensive Care Units, so there’s no way she would have been tweeting that while she was still on a gurney in a neck brace.

  • Jenw1967

    I do cycle, not super-competitively, but I have had to judge speed vs. safety a number of times. I am also a certified first responder. I agree with skippy mc carthy. Someone could easily have jumped out of the car, run over to van Vleuten, sat on the kerb or even just up slightly in the bushes to take a pulse and check breathing. The rule in first responding is no-breathing/pulse trumps everything, sorry even paralysis. If you have to move someone, you do and you get them breathing and heart pumping. I agree with the person who said every single person on a motorcycle should be a paramedic or a first responder at least. I am sorry, people do not want to hear this but it is protocol. She is very lucky it has turned out how id did. But, if it were me or my husband or one of my kids, I’d be irate that it took so long for someone to come to her assistance.


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017